Marvel Month-Month Sales October 2015: The Emptiness of Relaunches


by Xavier Lancel Welcome to a new analysis of the Marvel sales. Reminder: I’m French, that’s why I’m talking funny. Please adress your complaints to my all-over-the-news country. Reminder: these sales numbers are estimates of sales to comics shops situated in North America. American comics do get sold somewhere else in their original floppy edition. […]

A Month Of Venturing Into the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe: Recapping Week One


The weirdest thing happened in Marvel last week. The publisher’s landmark Secret Wars event has been delayed repeatedly, but Marvel is moving ahead as scheduled with their full line relauch, giving birth to the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe. We at Comics Beat are dedicated to praising great comics, and with so many potential winners out there it […]

Marvel reveals photographic Cosplay variant covers


Cosplay is a thing. Variant covers are a thing. And now cosplay variant covers are most definitely a thing. Marvel will have 20 cover adorned by photos of cosplayers depicting the titular characters.

Bendis and Marquez map a Flight Plan for the Invincible Iron Man


Marvel went to USA Today this morning to break the news that author Brian Michael Bendis is switching from X-Men to the new Invincible Iron Man title. David Marquez of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man is joining Bendis on pencils alongside color artist Justin Ponsor. This isn’t the first time that the author has written the character, as Tony […]