My Angouleme Diary Day 2: From Glénat to Tardi


Alors, things don’t always go as planned, including power outages at the delightful chateau and forgetting my password in the press room. • Yesterday, Friday was a busy day at the 41st annual FIBD, as things heated up in the streets and tents. The day started off with an interview with Jacques Glénat founder of […]

On the Scene: MoCCA Fest 2013, Words from the Market-Wise at the ‘Art as Profession’ Panel


Holding panels in the wood-panelled bowels of the Armory this year at MoCCA Fest did bring a certain gravitas to the proceedings even if the location was a little difficult to locate for the unfamiliar. When I arrived at the “Art as Profession: Creating, Promoting, and Making Money in Comics” panel at 11:30 on Sunday […]