24 Hours of International Comics: Meet Boulet, Master of Visualizing Emotion (France)


By and large, American comics are exercises in external action.  Rare is the superhero who ends up blighted by some existential crisis and is then forced to retreat into his or herself in order to resolve the issue.  Rarely is conflict not solved through fights filled with flurried fists.  Even Batman, “the World’s Greatest Detective,” generally […]

My Angouleme Diary Day 2: From Glénat to Tardi


Alors, things don’t always go as planned, including power outages at the delightful chateau and forgetting my password in the press room. • Yesterday, Friday was a busy day at the 41st annual FIBD, as things heated up in the streets and tents. The day started off with an interview with Jacques Glénat founder of […]

On the Scene: MoCCA Fest 2013, Words from the Market-Wise at the ‘Art as Profession’ Panel


Holding panels in the wood-panelled bowels of the Armory this year at MoCCA Fest did bring a certain gravitas to the proceedings even if the location was a little difficult to locate for the unfamiliar. When I arrived at the “Art as Profession: Creating, Promoting, and Making Money in Comics” panel at 11:30 on Sunday […]