Marvel makes some moves: adds Tessa Thompson to RAGNAROK, bumps INHUMANS


Marvel is in full Civil War promotional mode right now (if you’re on twitter, pick #teamcap or #teamironman to get a nice video response from one of the cast!), but that hasn’t stopped them from making a little news regarding their future films. First up, thanks to the acquisition of Spider-Man and all of the […]

The first teaser for ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY brings you back to the original trilogy

Star Wars Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, directed by Gareth Edwards, is the first of the Star Wars spin-off stories that will be released between “proper” episodes of the series. This first one, as you surely already know, centers on the Rebel attempt to steal the plans for the Death Star. Felicity Jones looks to be […]

The Beat’s Weekly Toy Review/Preview: Many things POPPING in June


By: Nicholas Eskey Welcome back boys and girls to another exciting installment of the Beat’s Weekly Toy Review/Preview! Since there is just too many toys out there to wrangle into one medium sized post, I’ve chosen only those that either have been newly released or newly announced, and of course have caught my eye. So […]

Empire Magazine unveils a few more CIVIL WAR details


Just when you thought there wasn’t more to uncover about Captain America: Civil War, here comes Empire Magazine with this issue’s feature on the upcoming Marvel throw-down that looks to be their most jam-packed affair ever. Within its pages, the magazine unveiled another character, the up to this point unnamed player that Martin Freeman would […]

STAR WARS Episode VIII adds Del Toro, Dern, and Tran to its growing cast


This morning is just chock-full of entertainment goodies. Now, we’ve got a quick teaser for Star Wars Episode VIII that’s just begun production: Along with the reveal that Benicio Del Toro (Sicario, Traffic), Laura Dern (Wild, Enlightened), and newcomer Kelly Tran will be joining the cast in undisclosed roles. Del Toro has been long rumored […]

Toy Fair 2016: Lego Star Wars, Marvel Civil War and Ghostbusters sets revealed


Ah Toy Fair, a riot of plastic, wood, metal, resin and MAGIC! As usual, The Beat pounded the halls of the JAvits Center and beyodnd to bring you only the FRESHEST toys and playthings. The day started at 7 am with the Lego event. As that time of day there isn’t much to remember but […]

Hopes briefly flare for a new Darkwing Duck tv show, but are cruelly dashed


  Coming in April from @JoeBooksCo. @Aaron_Sparrow @SilvaniArt & whatsizface. — Amy Mebberson (@amymebberson) January 18, 2016 Earlier this week Joe Books announced a new ongoing Darkwing Duck comic book, by Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani, thus righting one of the great comics kerfuffles of all times. But as this news was disseminated in […]

Weekend Webcomics: Floyd Norman’s Disney/George Lucas/Star Wars cartoons


Floyd Norman is a legendary animator and cartoonist. His first big job was on Sleeping Beauty, and he’s gone on to work on any number of Disney movies since then, including a stint at Pixar and cartooning jobs everywhere. He’s also a pioneer as one of the first prominent African-American animators. He’s also one of […]