This April, Dynamite and Disney are adding a new hero to their roster. Hercules #1 is set to hit comic shops on April 10, with writer Elliott Kalan at the helm. George Kambadais is on art as well as the cover, while Matteo Lolli, Francesco Tomaselli, and Alessandro Ranaldi provide additional covers.

Read the details from the publisher here:

This April, one of the greatest heroes throughout all of storytelling is setting out on a big comic adventure, as Disney’s Hercules returns for a brand-new comic book series presented by Dynamite Entertainment with writer Elliott Kalan and artist George Kambadais!

The new comic follows the events of the beloved 1997 Walt Disney Animation Studious feature film, but is perfect for those who are new to the story and fans of the original film alike. After his famous journey, Hercules chose mortality over godhood in his internal struggle as a demigod. The Greek gods still don’t understand why he would ever make that decision, but that hasn’t severed their connection. Hercules has proven his might and mettle many times over, and the gods are more than happy to enlist him as their agent of Earthly matters.

The goddess of beauty Aphrodite has granted an artist his wish to bring her sculpture to life. The only problem is the newly conscious marble proves to be hard to handle and more bone-crushingly lively than expected. The inquisitive and kind-hearted Herc discovers on the scene that the rogue statue is simply misunderstood and rambunctious in its brand-new life, reminding him of his own precocious youth. Returning to Mt. Olympus to report back to Aphrodite, Hercules finds her temple mysteriously empty and abandoned. And that’s just the opening — could this be the start of a larger sinister saga? Anyone who has ever dabbled in Greek mythology knows the answer to that!

“To me, the Disney Hercules embodies the best aspects of classic superheroes,” said Kalan. “He always tries to do what’s right, never gives up, cares about the people around him, and feels for those who need help. Hercules is the original superhero concept — a super-strong person who keeps people safe by removing monsters from the world. What are the Twelve Labors but the original twelve-issue storyline?!? My hope is that when people read Hercules, they’ll say ‘This could have been a new Hercules movie!'”

Kalan’s Spider-Man and the X-Men remains a fan favorite. The writer has also won multiple Emmy Awards for his contributions to The Daily Show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and more.

Kambadais is known for the initial flagship title of Disney’s Gargoyles comics revival. As a native Greek, Hercules is a uniquely special project for the artist. He brings a level of familiarity and reverence for the mythology that will flow onto his pages.

Kambadais shared, “Hercules is a super important character in pop culture, even more so here in Greece. We have known his name ever since we were children. I remember my mother reading the Twelve Labors of Hercules to me as a bedside story! They were amazing, magical. So was the Disney Animation movie when it came out. We, as Greek children, back then (in the pre- internet days) felt kind of isolated. Living in a small corner of the world seemed far away from anything that felt big and important. When I saw the movie, I felt sort of… validated. It was equal parts exciting and moving. Now being a part, however infinitesimal, of that story feels huge!”

Take a look at some covers and concept art below!