This December, Dynamite and Disney are adding the infamous Dalmatian-obsessed Cruella De Vil to their villain roster. Sweeney Boo, known for art on Marvel Action: Captain Marvel and more, is leading the book in her major writing debutMiriana Puglia is on interiors for the series.
The Beat chatted with Boo about her soft spot for villains and what fans of Cruella can expect. 
Deanna Destito: What is the appeal of villains, especially those like Cruella?
Sweeney Boo: I’ve always had a soft spot for villains, they carry their flaws with such assurance. Cruella’s behavior is so unpredictable and over the top that it makes any kind of situation she can be put in extremely comical. Which is what I really wanted to focus on with this story!
Cruella De Vil
Destito: What can fans of Cruella look forward to in this book?
Boo: Imagine what could happen if all the puppies of London had a deep hatred for Cruella and are ready to ruin absolutely everything she does.
Destito: How has it been working with the rest of the team and Dynamite?
Boo: It’s been wonderful! Nate [Cosby] has been so supportive since the beginning, coming up with ideas to make the story the best it could be, I feel extremely lucky! Miriana is a fantastic artist, and makes every page her own, taking Cruella’s character to another level! 
Cruella De Vil
Destito: You’re known for your art, but now you get to flex as a writer. Did your creative process change or do you still approach storytelling in a similar way?
Boo: I have been writing for a little while, but it was always for my own stories. So getting to write with Miriana’s art in mind was a new, very interesting challenge! Ultimately, my process didn’t change as much, but the most important thing was trying to get all my ideas on paper so Miriana’s process was as smooth as possible!
Cruella De Vil
Destito: Can you tease anything in upcoming issues?
Boo: Let’s just say that Cruella’s desperation to get back into high society is going to get her tangled in a very bad situation, which might involve some royal puppies!
Cruella De Vil Cruella De Vil