RIP John Hughes

Cliff Chiang’s tribute


  1. Russell Smith says:

    Great work, Cliff!

    That would make a great poster!

  2. Good stuff…and insanely fast!

  3. @Mark – on his blog, Cliff Chiang says he had the image already drawn but not colored when he learned of John Hughes death.

  4. Brilliant! I’d love to see this on a t-shirt.

    Now how about a GARFIELD LOGAN’S DAY OFF New Teen Titans reset?

  5. Don't you forget about him! says:
  6. michael says:

    I must say, that’s pretty good! O.O

  7. michael says:

    and, yes, that’s why Marvel’s, The Loners was so good! ;)

  8. Lovely!

    This is making the rounds, John Hughes and penpal:

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