Even as Twilight campers were cleaning up after two days in the wilderness, an attempt at a Comic-Con reunion between Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson went awry after Stewart learned of his affair with Emilie de Ravin, tabs are saying. (de Ravin plays the erstwhile Claire on Lost.)

The duo had dallied during filming, but Stewart, 19, went back to her boyfriend, Michael Angarano, after a three hour limo ride back from Comic-Con together with uber-hunk Pattinson didn’t mend the rift that his time with de Ravin had caused. Sources say….OKAY, THAT’S ENOUGH.

BTW, how happy is Kurt Hassler now? He’s got a bonanza by the tale with that Twilight manga license. A few folks asked us how Yen Press landed this coup? The answer is simplicity itself: Yen is an imprint of the Twilight Saga’s prose publisher, Hachette.

Meanwhile, Female Force now includes best selling AUTHORS with this bio of Stephenie Meyer:



  1. Franklin, why would putting this out rank Bluewater as a bad comic book publisher?

    I’ve continually said, you don’t have to like their comic books, but you should appreciate the diversity and variety that they are providing to the comic book market. Honestly, I don’t see anyone else doing these types of comics. I’d rather have these than another superhero story! :)

  2. @ frank

    just goes to show that when you make shit loads of moolah you can buy a skinny cartoon version of yourself.