My Little Pony #1 is here—and here are all the covers, including the ghost variant

If this weren’t such am amazing year for comics, the success of MY LITTLE PONY #1 would be maybe the story of the year: how did a comic book aimed at young girls get pre-orders of over 100,000 copies? Pony madness is such that a second printing, due December 19th has already sold out, and a 3rd printing is ALREADY under way. When all is said and done—and all the variant covers are counted up—MLP #1 will be one of the best selling books of the year.

And we’re told that orders for #2 are also huge.

A kids comic aimed at young girls.


Is it just that everyone wants a pony? Even the mysterious retailer cabal behind the Ghost Variants has gotten in on the action. More ghosts on sale here.

The success of MY LITTLE PONY is a paradigm shift for the direct market that indicates maybe we’ve finally grown up after all.

In that spirit, here’s all the variant covers, from Pinky Pie on.





















  1. …and the Pinky Pie cover, rocks. I gotta go get a copy for my daughter. She’ll love it to pieces. Literally.

  2. The comic isn’t “Aimed at young girls” necessarily. It’s aimed at fans of the show, of which there are apparently many male fans. Or have you not heard the term “Bronies” before?

    The second person to come in my store this morning was a Brony. He’d never been here before. Sold him a Dr. Who mug too.

  3. The Beat says:


    That was probably not the intended audience when this property was developed, however.

  4. Nick Jones says:

    Why on earth are there nineteen variant covers on a comic for little girls? I doubt that those tots are die-hard completionists who have the disposable income to buy more than one version, and the type of adult who does try to get all the variants on books they read aren’t generally the sort to want My Little Pony comics in the first place. Are there really enough of these “Bronies” out there who will buy every single variant to make the slew of different covers worth printing?

  5. @ Nick Yes, they already have several Bronie cons and even creepier level of Bronie called Cloppers…that’s all i’m gonna say about that. I’m with Heidi that occum’s razor maybe little girls are buying it more than Bronies.

  6. Marfisa says:

    The bronies are probably the ones buying the $25-dollar boxed set of all the variant covers.

  7. Torsten Adair says:

    Many of the variants are retailer exclusives (Jet Pack, Jim Hanley’s Universe…)

    The store “special orders” the cover, knowing that they will sell those copies to customers and collectors.

    My only criticism: no sketch cover. I bought a retailer sketch cover of the Muppet Show #1 (Jetpack Gonzo), and had Roger Langridge do a self-portrait on the front!

    I also hope one of the reprintings has a fold-out cover, connecting all of the images. Like a #1E…

  8. Aidinthel says:

    Nick, did you somehow miss the part of the article that said the comic had already sold out of its first two printings? The answer to your question is “Yes, yes there are enough bronies”. That’s kinda the point.

  9. Sold a bunch so far… none to young girls or people claiming they were for young girls. All have been to adults for themselves.

    We skipped all of the variant nonsense by ordering just the “subscription variant” instead of the regular covers. 1 title, 1 cover.

  10. Corey says:

    your missing the hot topic exclusive dr who one

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