More Invincible #100 death teasers

As previously reported, for its 100th issue, Robert Kirkman’s superhero saga INVINCIBLE is following in the “issue 100 = a heartbreaking death” comics tradition, by teasing said heartbreaking death. And here are the teasers that have run since Monday, each featuring a different set of blood-spattered remains strewn around the rubble.




  1. Snikt Snakt says

    Kirkman already killed the book for me months ago, its gotten so bad w/the substitute Invincible.

    I hope its the sub that buys the farm, then I’d be willing to return…

  2. Naveed says

    IM still around but agree with you the sub is pretty lame and want him out of the way…..cross your fingers he bites the dust.

  3. Nick Jones says

    Interesting that out of the four characters shown thus far, Atom Eve is the only one who’s still kicking. I wonder if that’s a bit of misdirection?

  4. says

    Killing a character is a stunt that the big two always get accused of overusing. I thought Kirkman and Image were supposed to be different from them?

  5. Katerade says

    My vote is for an Omni-Man death that lets Oliver take over the name for reals.

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