As you may know, the metro Manila area has been hit by severe flooding of late, due to monsoon season, and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced as a result. Local bookstore Fullybooked is organizing a fundraiser for the flood victims.

We’re soliciting donations from international comic book writers and artists to give what they can (signed books, original artwork, etc.). We’re planning on holding either a local auction or on ebay for these items, and the proceeds will all go to those in need. A great deal of people have already pledged their support.

Already on board, Craig Thompson, with a very rare piece: — the original cover art to BLANKETS. How rare?

As all of you know, I never sell original artwork, so this a rare exception that any piece is available. 14′x17″ India ink on Bristol board. If I have a chance, I’ll personalize a note on the back to the donor. Please, look into bidding to help raise funds for this crucial cause. Thanks!

Wow, sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity here.

The Philippines, as we have often noted here, have a unique comics background, and have produced some amazing cartooning talent over the years, so this comics-based grassroots support is very appropriate. Anyone interested in contributing should contact Fullybooked at [email protected] with the subject “AUCTION”.