Lucy Knisley looks at fertility and pregnancy in her upcoming KID GLOVES


Lucy Knisley is at it again. As we just showed you, Something New, her graphic novel exploring her wedding has just come out, and after a wedding there is often a baby. Thus, her new books, Kid Gloves, is coming in 2018. As shown in a charming comics preview at Mutha Magazine, the book will cover her fertility issues and eventual pregnancy.
mutha-preview2 (1).jpg
As with Relish and Something New, First Second will publish Kid Gloves.

Be on the lookout for an interview with Knisley here tomorrow at The Beat.


  1. Kurt Busiek says

    I love Lucy Knisley’s books.

    Whatever subject she wants to cover, I’m there. And this subject is one Ann and I have experience with, too, so it’ll be all the more interesting.

    Can’t wait.


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