Advance Review: Black Hood #2 – Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

The Black Hood #2

The Black Hood #2 “The Bullet’s Kiss Part Two” Duane Swierczynski: Writer Michael Gaydos: Artist Rachel Deering: Letterer Kelly Fitzpatrick: Colorist. Archie slid us an advance copy of Black Hood #2.  I understand the FOC date is today. The second issue continues the descent into madness and addiction of our titular hero, policeman Greg Hettinger, who’s inadvertently […]

Lego Suicide Squad DLC Out Today


Suicide Squad comes to Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Andy Khouri joins DC as Editor


Today is my first day as an Editor at DC Comics. I’m very happy and excited and looking forward to hearing what you guys think of my books. — Andy Khouri (@andykhouri) March 2, 2015 It’s official. Welcome to #DCKHOMICS A photo posted by Andy Khouri (@andykhouri) on Mar 2, 2015 at 1:09pm PST There […]

Secret Wars Revisits X-Tinction Agenda With Arrow Producer


X-Tinction Agenda with a DC TV architect?

The Korvac Saga joins Secret Wars to Spread an ‘idea virus’


Marvel is priming another old favorite in the back of their early Avengers catalogue with a revival of the Korvac Saga. The comic is yet another tie-in to the upcoming Secret Wars event, the tale will serve as the home for the Guardians 3000 heroes who are serving under the titular character. Legacy Guardians author Dan […]

Six new What The Duck covers for April with Aragones, Stokoe, etc.


April is Howard the Duck variant cover month for Marvel and here are six more — these covers could function as a mini-FAQ for “famous images to parody” : American Gothic, check, Washington Crossing the Delaware, check, Iwo Jima, check and so on. I don’t think there’s been a Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover parody yet, but give them time.

Faith No More is back, and their first single is ‘Superhero’


90s nostalgia, baby! Faith No More, a seminal MTV band that had great success with the whole hip hop/metal thing before hip hop won, is back with their first album in 17 years, since 1997’s Album of the Year. But a new studio album, Sol Invictus drops on May 19th, and the first single has just debuted on, because a) bassist Bill Gould is a big Kirby/Silver Surfer fan (chatted with in link by Ryan Penagos) and b) the debut single is called “Superhero” and Marvel publishes Superhero comics.

Gaze into the eyes of The Kingpin


Get your first look at Daredevil’s big bad

Orphan Black #1 Review: Preserve Your Deoxyribonucleic Acid!


Writers: Graeme Manson, John Fawcett, and Jody Houser Artist: Szymon Kudranski Colors: Mat Lopes Letters: Neil Uyetake Orphan Black #1 is one of the strangest comics to hit store shelves in years. Each issue of this series focuses on a different clone from the hit television series. The show has a soap opera tone in […]

Books A Million Selling Variants Online and Getting DC from Diamond


This may well spoil things for people trying to flip variants on eBay, but it looks like Books A Million will let you order (and pre-order) variant covers off their website.  And it looks like they’re expanding how many different publishers they’re getting variants from:

Archie taps Obscure Video Game Licenses from Sega and Capcom for Worlds Unite


Archie previously revealed that the Worlds Unite crossover is going to feature two huge video game characters (Mega Man and Sonic) teaming up together. The publisher confirmed several more beloved franchises from Sega and Capcom that are coming out to play in the storyline. A brand new teaser from the crossover shows some wish fulfillment that you wouldn’t believe. […]

Rio Rancho mom “incredibly disturbed” by finding “Palomar” in school library


Sadly I can’t embed the local news scare quotes story here but the transcript is almost as good. A mother in Rio Rancho, NM found her son had checked out Gilbert Hernandez’ PALOMAR from the school library, and then things got dangerous!

The CW aims for a superhero team-up series featuring Firestorm, The Atom, Black Canary and Captain Cold


The CW’s third superhero series may be much bigger than originally thought

Secret Wars Serves Up Second Zombie Title


Secret Wars gets second scoop of Marvel Zombies with yet another tie-in book.

Entertainment Round-Up: Alien sequel, Fantastic Four, Spectre, Agent Carter


Blomkamp and Weaver talk Aliens, new Fantastic Four Images, Agent Carter and more

Review: Thor Annual is Best In The World

Thor (2014-) Annual 001-000

Thor of all ages and genders find themselves well represented by creators of varying experiences.