Aspen Comics is Giving Undiscovered Talent Their Shot

Aspen Comics is Giving Undiscovered Talent Their Shot

Cleaver marketing? Easy way to get out of commissioning covers? Maybe a bit of both.

Aspen Comics newest series, Santeria: The Goddess Kiss,  launches this week to make things even more enticing the publisher is coordinating a talent search for aspiring artists looking for a place to showcase their skills. Four of the most eye catching submissions will be used on four different covers for Santeria’s final issue.

Created by David Wohl (Executive Assistant Iris) Santeria: The Goddess Kiss follows Michael and Naomi. Two EMTs saving lives on the harsh and hopeless streets of Spanish Harlem. Their world gets turned inside out when a police shooting changes Naomi’s life forever and unleashes a very dark power she’ll have to control for everyone’s sake.

Artist considering submitting have a stellar legacy to live up to. Aspen Comics is one of the industries best judges of industry talent that’s seen the early work of such artists as Francis Manapul, Koi Turnbull, Marcus To, and very recently Siya Oum and DC Comics new Bloodlines artist V.Ken Marion. That’s in addition to being founded by one of comics most illustrious storytellers, Michael Turner. Any artist who makes this cover will get great exposure of their work so get to drawing.

Obviously the question becomes why put a no name talent on the cover of a professionally published comic book in a market driven by the names retailers read in a catalogue every month. Things like this foster new talent for the industry more than drive sales much like Top Cow, Wild Storm, or Oni’s open submission. It gives readers a choice, give something new a chance or complain about the same old things.


Submissions for the Aspen talent search are due by 12am PST on April 15, 2016. Submissions can be in just about any medium but must be 7×10.5in at a resolution of 300dpi. For more information contact

Pick up Santeria: The Goddess Kiss #1 in stores today.


  1. Jeremy Holstein says

    That’s one of my favorite typos in quite some time. “Cleaver marketing.” Marketing done with a cleaver, apparently.

  2. Kate Willaert says

    Aspen Comics i giving undiscovered talent their shot at…remaining undiscovered?

  3. says

    Hi, so, the interested must make a cover for the issue? Where can find your comics in mexico to read it and make an idea about the characters? I’m interested, but i have these two questions. Thanks

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