While we’re wrapping up awards, this Friday, March 18th is the deadline for submitting your work to the Eisner Awards. All details in this attachment!

The Eisners will be announced in a star studded ceremony on July 22nd during the San Diego Comic-Con. Nominees are selected by a committee of experts who meet to hash it out in person.

Eisner Call for Entries 2016



The deadline for submissions for the 2016 Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards is this Friday, March 18. Publishers wanting to submit entries should send one copy of each of the comics or books they wish to nominate and include a cover letter that indicates what is being submitted (including the names of the creators) and in what categories.


The tentative categories include best short story, best single issue/one-shot, best continuing series (at least two issues must have been published in 2015), best limited series (at least half of the series must have been published in 2015), best new series, best limited series, best publications for kids and teens, best anthology, best humor publication, best U.S. edition of foreign material, best graphic album–new, best graphic album–reprint, best reality-based work, best adaptation from another medium, best digital/webcomic, best archival collection, best writer, best writer/artist, best penciler/inker (individual or team), best painter (interior art), best lettering, best coloring, best cover artist, best comics journalism periodical or website, best comics-related book, best scholarly/academic work, and best publication design. The judges may add, delete, or combine categories at their discretion. The cover letter should include both a mailing address and an e-mail address for the person or company submitting the material.


Publishers may submit a maximum of five nominees for any one category, and the same item or person can be submitted in more than one category. Each imprint, line, or subsidiary of a publisher may submit its own set of entries. Creators can submit materials for consideration if their publisher is either no longer in business or is unlikely to participate in the nomination process. Only one copy of each book need be submitted, even it if is being nominated in multiple categories. There are no entry fees.


All physical submissions should be sent to Jackie Estrada, Eisner Awards Administrator, Comic-Con International, P.O. Box 128458, San Diego, CA 92112, before the deadline of March 18. For those using shipping services other than the USPS, please inquire to [email protected] about the shipping address, as it has changed recently.


The best digital/webcomic category is open to any new, professionally produced long-form original comics work posted online in 2015. The URL and any necessary access information should be emailed to Eisner Awards administrator Jackie Estrada: [email protected].


The Eisner Award nominees will be announced in April, and online voting will be available to professionals in the comics industry, including creators, editors, publishers, distributors, and retailers. The results will be announced by celebrity presenters at the gala awards ceremony on the evening of July 22 at Comic-Con in San Diego.



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