Nancy Collins calls off the Dragon*Con boycott


Author Nancy Collins has been relentless in publicizing the connection between Dragon-Con and Ed Kramer — in fact it’s undoubtedly due to her efforts to publicize the fact that Kramer was still profiting from the show that he was finally removed from the board, as it was announced earlier today. However the ambiguous language in […]


Monday’s Review Slate – Fionna & Cake #1-6


Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake Natasha Allegri (w, a, c), Patrick Seery (c) Britt Wilson (l), Noelle Stevenson, Lucy Knisley (back-ups), Shannon Watters (e) Here’s a six-issue miniseries from Kaboom, who have spent the past few years making work-for-hire franchise comics feel like creator-owned independent comics. Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake is a spin-off from […]


Dragon*Con officially splits with accused molester Ed Kramer — UPDATED


Finally! You can dress up as a sexy Starship Trooper or Winnie the Pooh and march around with a light heart knowing that you are not helping support an accused child molester. On their FB page, Dragon*Con founders officially announced a split from co-founder Ed Kramer who is currently in jail on charges related to […]


Webcomic Alert: Treasure Island by Connor Willumsen


Experimental comics madman Connor Willumsen has a major new work up called Treasure Island, which is definitely Shavian—Dash Shaw that is—but also…unlike anything really. Willumsen has a “Pay What You Can” button at the end. Why not send a buck or two after reading? He’s also looking for a print publisher.


Tolja: Lone Ranger was doomed to flop


It’s official: THE LONE RANGER, the latest Gore Verbinski/Johnny Depp period piece film, is a big flop with awful reviews, and an anemic $48.9 million in a five-day holiday opening, which might not be so bad if it hadn’t cost $250 million to make and $175 million to market. And that’s AFTER it got shut […]


Indie Month-to-Month Sales May 2013: My Little Star Wars


By Paul Mellerick   Walking Dead, Star Wars and My Little Pony are joined by JMS’ Ten Grand and the new Regular Show title near the top of the charts this month. Elsewhere there are a lot of new comics, and a few new publishers to the chart, debuting to largely impressive sales. 147 indie […]


SDCC ’13: ComiXology sponsoring Comic Creator Connection


Okay is it OK Cupid for Comics Creators? Not exactly, but if you are a CWC looking for a AA, DDF, then the Comic Creators Connection is for you. Comixology, as mentioned before, is getting more into the mix at Comic-Con, sponsoring a much of charity benefits, and co-sponsoring the Eisners and more. It’s all […]


Who Is Andrew Hope, and What’s He Doing at Marvel, Man?

MM Badge II

Once upon a time, there was a man from Glasgow, and his name was Andrew Hope. He dabbled in comics a bit, at a time when lots of people in Scotland seemed to be dabbling in comics. Specifically, he drew the only two issues of UK comic company Trident Comics’s The Shadowmen, dated May and […]


To Do tonight NYC: Big Feminist But Release Party at Housing Works Bookstore Café


The Big Feminist But is a comics anthology that was Kickstarted a while ago and now it’s here. And Tonighyt I’l be moderating a panel about the book: Heidi MacDonald (Publishers Weekly; The Beat:The News Blog of Comics and Comics Culture) presents readings and a conversation about the great big BUTs we all seem to […]


Gary Erskine Covers Andy Murray, Scottish Hero, in the Sunday Mail


ANDY MURRAY WON WIMBLEDON! The player, the first British player to win Wimbledon since Virginia Wade in 1977, bashed his way to a straight sets victory yesterday over Novak Djokovic. But whilst he is technically a British player, artist Gary Erskine, colourist Yel Zamor and Scotland’s Sunday Mail newspaper have teamed up to make a […]


Revealed: Vietnamese Instant Coffee turns you into the world’s most powerful person


You know how sometimes being a snoopy Lois Lane leads you to discovered things you wish you hadn’t? Or how innocent symbologist Robert Langdon was just puttering along when suddenly the Pope was trying to strangle him? That’s what we have on our hands here. I made my regular pre-Comic-Con trip down to Tin Tan […]