ANDY MURRAY WON WIMBLEDON! The player, the first British player to win Wimbledon since Virginia Wade in 1977, bashed his way to a straight sets victory yesterday over Novak Djokovic. But whilst he is technically a British player, artist Gary Erskine, colourist Yel Zamor and Scotland’s Sunday Mail newspaper have teamed up to make a subtle point about where Murray actually hails from…


Ha! Yes, alright, we get the idea. He belongs to you first, Scotland. How long must that crowd have taken to draw?!

As shared via Erskine’s twitter page, he also created a cover which paid homage to Alex Ross’ iconic image of the Man of Steel, although ultimately it wasn’t used for Sunday.


Via Gary Erskine’s twitter page! 


  1. Pedant’s corner: that second image is not a homage to “Alex Ross’ iconic image of the Man of Steel”. It’s a homage to Joe Shuster’s iconic image of the Man of Steel, as first appeared on Superman #1 in June 1939.

  2. Bulent.

    You are quite right regards the credit but Twitter only affords 140 characters! I am familiar with Alex Ross’ homage to the original Joe Schuster version but referenced both the figure and perspective from Ross’ piece as we needed a more stylised realism. A similar reference was done with a recent Mondo poster. The editorial decision by the Sunday Mail was to focus squarely on Andy Murray [rather than a Wimbledon aerial shot] and I believe they made the correct call on that!

    The final design is another classic Superman pose [of course!]

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