Advance Review: Liberator #1 from Black Mask Studios

#1 cover by Tim Seeley

A highly charged debut is hot off the presses at Black Mask Studios this Wednesday, with animal rights activists stepping up to the vigilante plate and following in the footsteps of Buddy Baker, grassroots style.

Papercutz Announces Nifty Archival Series for Peyo’s SMURFS


You may have heard that a SMURFS hardcover anthology is coming out this week from Papercutz, an all-ages publisher who have a strong contingent of European-origin comics in their stable, often being brought to the US for the first time, but though the anthology is plenty glossy and well-designed for fans of the Belgian creator […]

Monday’s Review Slate: Captain Midnight and Invincible


Another week, and a whole slew of new comics on the horizon. This week I’m going to review a superhero relaunch, as well as one of the longest-running superhero comics around: Captain Midnight #0, and Invincible #103. Heroes, heroes, everywhere!

Mark Millar is made MBE


Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar has been added to the ranks of UK comics writer awarded the MBE, or Member of the British Empire. The normally controversial Scotsman told the Herald Scotland that he was unfazed by being an insider now. “That is the worry, part of the thing of being a writer is that you […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us writer Tom Taylor finally gets a regular DC gig: Earth 2


DC is releasing a ton of news today, including best-selling writer Tom Taylor will be taking over Earth 2 after writer James Robinson left the book under mysterious circumstances. MTV Geek has the news that Taylor will take over starting with October’s issue #17. Nicola Scott stays on as artist. “I’ve had so much fun […]

How did you like your CAKE?


This past weekend saw the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo roll out, a much anticipated foray into the CAF circuit for one of the biggest markets in the US. If you look at the debuts,l the comics were vibrant and exciting. Last year’s show was good but had room to grow, so we’re eager for reports […]

Man of Steel soars to $200M Worldwide


“Man of Steel” sets a record for the biggest opening in June, ever. The reboot made $12 million on Thursday (thanks to the Walmart advance screening), $113.1M domestic, and $25M at foreign theaters totaling to $151M. The PG-13 film screened in 4,207 theaters including 331 IMAX screens. Warner united with 98 promotional partners spending $170M […]

DC Announce Superman/Wonder Woman from Charles Soule and Tony Daniel


It must be nearing solicitation time again, because news seems to be racing in today from all sides. DC have announced on IGN that writer Charles Soule and artist Tony Daniel will be launching Superman/Wonder Woman in October.

Spider-Man Has a Sister! Marvel announce graphic novel by Waid, Robinson, and Dell’Otto


Brian Truitt, knower of all that is right and true in this world, has an interview on USA Today with writer Mark Waid, announcing a new Spider-Man graphic novel called Spider-Man: Family Business. The book, set before Superior Spider-Man, will see Peter Parker learning more about his secret agent parents – as well as find […]

MAN OF STEEL Wrap up: It’s a hit! So what next?


Well, now we know! MAN OF STEEL was the biggest June opening ever—$113 million domestically for the three-day weekend and another $12 million from Thursday’s mysterious Walmart screenings. Worldwide it’s made $197.7 million. More importantly, the CinemaScore ratings—which polls people who have actually seen the movies—stood at A-, a very high rating which indicates good […]

Starting today! SelfMadeHero take over Bloomsbury for two weeks


For the next two weeks, UK publisher SelfMadeHero will be creating a pop-up shop in Bloomsbury, London. Running every weekday until the end of the month, this is a great chance to get out there and explore some of the comics published by the company. There’ll also be talks run by some of the artists […]