Brian Truitt, knower of all that is right and true in this world, has an interview on USA Today with writer Mark Waid, announcing a new Spider-Man graphic novel called Spider-Man: Family Business. The book, set before Superior Spider-Man, will see Peter Parker learning more about his secret agent parents – as well as find out that he has a sister.


The book will be co-written by Mark Waid and James Robinson (who left DC recently), and painted by artist Gabrielle Dell’Otto. Due for release in May next year, this looks like the continuation of a new line of graphic novels from the company, following the imminent Warren Ellis/Mike McKone Avengers: Endless Wartime book.

I imagine Heidi will have more to say on this later. The story focuses on Peter and his family, following a threat from The Kingpin. After being targeted by the mob boss, Peter will be swept away and rescued by a woman calling herself Teresa – his long-lost, unknown sister. Described as a spy story by Waid, the story will also see a number of other familiar faces, including Rhino and Aunt May.


  1. Everytime you think Marvel’s creative people have hit bottom they manage to dig a little deeper in to the creative abyss.

  2. So while they’re doing a storyline where Doc Ock is inhabiting Pete’s body they’re going to do an unrelated story where Peter finds out he has a sister. Who says comic books are inaccessable to new readers?

  3. Parker having a sister isn’t a bad idea in and of itself, but my reaction to it as a news item is that it’s far, far too late in Parker’s history for the idea to work well. The optimal time to give him a sister was at the time he was created, with his creators deciding on the best time to reveal her.

    Now? Doing it now just makes her a retcon, as convincing as, say, Dr. Strange discovering that the Vishanti, instead of being a God-equivalent, are monsters planning on terrorizing Earth’s universe, and his life as a sorcerer has been a lie.

    Instead of bringing in a sister, why not revise his background completely as part of an alternate take? Or make her a distant cousin?


  4. Seeing how such a seemingly important point of continuity is being revealed in a graphic novel rather than in the main series (where you would expect “important” things like this to happen), I could easily see this being one of two things…1.) It’s not in continuity, or 2.) The whole thing’s a red herring and, by story’s end, the assumption that Teresa is Peter’s sister turns out to be false.

  5. the beat herself said: a spider-man movie is coming out next year. in may. thus this GN release.
    yep, you hit that nail on the head. it’s also probably a safe bet that peter parker will be returning as spider-man around that time too (if not a bit sooner). can’t have a spidey movie out there and no peter parker in the comics.

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