Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar has been added to the ranks of UK comics writer awarded the MBE, or Member of the British Empire. The normally controversial Scotsman told the Herald Scotland that he was unfazed by being an insider now. “That is the worry, part of the thing of being a writer is that you should always be on the outside but I suppose these honours are how the establishment tries to embrace everyone.”

Miller said he wasn’t sure how he would celebrate but may dedicate a drink in the pub to his latest accolade. He said he and his partner Lucy were looking forward to visiting Buckingham Palace. He added: “Lucy is very excited. Women love a nosy around other people’s houses and one of the first things she said to be was that she couldn’t wait to go down and have a look around the place. I think the whole thing will be worth it for that.”

Millar isn’t the first comics writer to be granted the honor. Grant Morrison was selected last year. It should be noted that MBE is the lowest of the various “order” honors, and it does not entitle you to be called “Sir” or “Dame.” It does, however come with a cool medal and we’re sure Millar will enjoying wearing that on special occasions.


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