Kick-Watcher: The Steamworld Chronicle & Peter Pan vol. 1


Here are two out of the 104 Kickstarter projects that are worthy of your hard earned dinero.

Karen Berger steps down at Vertigo


After a 20+ year career that changed comics and gave it some of its most iconic stories, Karen Berger is stepping down at Vertigo. Official PR just went out. Veteran staffers taking over the imprint could probably include Shelly Bond, Will Dennis, and Mark Doyle, all of whom have introduced lasting books at the imprint. […]

Nice art: Jim Rugg covers Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #1…


Jim Rugg does an alternate cover for Tom Neely’s comic about Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig as a bickering old married couple. A new volume Henry and Glenn Forever & Ever is upcoming. This is the kind of variant we can get behind!

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: October 2012


After September’s virtual hiatus, October saw Marvel emerge from crossover season and hit the ground running. AVENGERS VS X-MEN wraps up, while Marvel Now gets underway with the debut issues of UNCANNY AVENGERS and A PLUS X. On top of that, there’s AVX: CONSEQUENCES, the MARVEL NOW: POINT ONE one-shot, a new ongoing series with WOLVERINE: MAX, the “Minimum Carnage” crossover, and more.

Given all that, it’s no surprise that Marvel had the biggest share of the North American direct market, leading DC by 40% to 34% in units and 35% to 32% in dollars.

Symbolia Magazine launches with more cartoon journalism — UPDATED


We’ve told you a few times about Symbolia is here, a new app-based magazine of non-fiction comics journalism, edited by Erin Polgreen. The first issue is now available at iTunes or via PDF for non-tablet users. A 6-issue subscription is $11.99, but a preview issue is available. Contributors include: ◦ Susie Cagle’s thoughtful exploration of […]

The Hawkeye Initiative launches—and genderswapping will never be the same


Over the weekend someone on Tumblr got the great idea of satirizing anatomically unlikely, and overtly sexualized comic book covers by replacing the women with Hawkeye. As far as we can make it out started withthis post by artist Blue which remixed a Marvel cover on Saturday: By morning, it was a huge vast thing […]

The Hobbit is barreling at us with sexy dwarves and fashionable Radagast


Hero Complex has a bunch of interviews about The Hobbit up, which is a reminder that OHMIGOD THE HOBBIT OPENS IN 12 DAYS!!! OH MY GOD! IT IS HAPPENING! DON’T LET ME ALMOST DIE AGAIN!

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 12/3/12 – Blogging in the jungle with John McAfee


§ One of the best spectator sports the last week or so has been the John McAfee story—basically, the guy who invented that anti-virus software that spammed you endlessly in the “cyber” era, is actually a paranoid oddball who has been living in Belize and has fled to the jungle after being accused of killing […]