Over the weekend someone on Tumblr got the great idea of satirizing anatomically unlikely, and overtly sexualized comic book covers by replacing the women with Hawkeye.

As far as we can make it out started withthis post by artist Blue which remixed a Marvel cover on Saturday:



By morning, it was a huge vast thing called The Hawkeye Initiative. One more example by the wonderful Vanessa Satone:


Hundreds more all over the place.

One of the reasons the meme caught on was that Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in The Avengers, is so fond of hitting the brokeback himself:
Hawkeye Initiative participants also noted that Renner has a nice ace, which makes it even more effective. Sometimes the stars align and magic happens.

We also recommend this.


  1. “Hawkeye Initiative participants also noted that Renner has a nice ace, which makes it even more effective.”

    Freudian slip???

  2. Instead of this soap-box grandstanding, you really could just show a bunch of Spider-Man covers. I know it’s awfully trendy to be self-righteous about how unfairly fictional women are portrayed on comic book covers. But Peter Parker, amongst others (Nightwing, Deadpool, Nightcrawler…), has always been shown in very unrealistic contortions.

  3. Yeah but LT the contorted bodies only half of it. It’s poking fun at how women are drawn AND what they’re drawn in. Which is what makes it funnier. It’s not self-righteous at all.

  4. Also Spider-Man isn’t drawn with his ass sticking out at an unbelievable angle. He also lacks closeup cleavage shots not unlike those seen in Catwoman #14.

  5. Meh. Black Widow is a trained dancer with professional credentials. Contorting her body to unique angles is kind of her fighting style.

    Plus, the humor is based on a rather false equivalence. The male version of an upskirt or general cheescake shot isn’t to simply change to gender, that’s idiotic.

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