Here are two out of the 104 Kickstarter projects that are worthy of your hard earned dinero.
Talent/Project Manager: Steven Hoveke
Days to Go: HOURS
Goal: $9,500
The spiel:
‘This brand new steampunk adventure series will feature a story formatted to be told in three issues of forty eight pages each. Our hero, Dr. Quentin Bowlsby, or “Q” for short, stumbles onto a mystery after he is asked to retrieve an item from a train crash by government agents. Once there, however he uncovers evidence of the presence of an old adversary, piquing his interest in the case. One thing leads to another and soon he’s…well you’re just gonna have to read it.
The interior art work is by Jeff Balke, coloring by Ben Risbeck and lettering by John J. Hill.  The script and story is by Steven Hoveke and Mike Scigliano.  You might recognize Scigliano from his ‘CONversation’ posts here at The Beat.   The money they raise will be used to print the first 48-page comic and the two future issues of Steamworld Chronicles and to cover production costs.
 There are plenty of pledges to choose from but what interests me most about the project is that the legendary Walt Simonson is doing a variant cover for the book.  You can get your copy of Walt’s cover for only $15 or a signed print from Mr. Simonson himself for only $50.  If that wasn’t enough, for only $75 you can get a signed sketch book from Howard Chaykin.  If you can’t choose which of these incentives to pick, then get both because this project needs and deserves your support.
I’m not a big steampunk fan but I appreciate the story and spectacular incentives this project offers; like any genre form it’s just a framework or in the case of steampunk it just defines the setting but still offers a wide stage for a good story.
Talent/Project Manager: Renae Deliz
Days to Go: 18
Goal: $48,000
The spielThe same folks that brought you the insanely popular Womanthology are back with another beautiful project.  I’ll be the first to admit that when I first saw Peter Pan I thought, “how many damn times are we going to see the same story told over and over again?!”  I ground my teeth and clicked the link and faith was instantly restored.
 I can’t stress enough how beautiful the preview art looks for this project.  DeLiz is penciling and Ray Dillion is inking, coloring and lettering the book.  They make a great husband and wife team. The character designs are superb but the double page spread adapted from “The Little White Bird” sold me.
I appreciate the 100% transparency and explanation for the $48K goal.  There is a difference between setting an unlikely goal and setting a well calculated plan to a project that will get the support it deserves.  I think Renae is thinking big because she has no choice because of the success of her previous project.  I find it interesting that she’s going against what I like to call the “$25 rule.”  For those of you who are not familiar with the “$25 rule,” $25 is the most popular pledge supporters are willing to spend on a project.  She goes $15, $20 and straight to $30, it’s madness!
I like this project so much I can justify spending $65 for the physical copy, the companion guide and a digital copy because I know it’s going to look gorgeous on my tablet.
The next article will feature some of the projects that have sprung out of the United Kingdom.  Brace yourselves for the British invasion of new Kickstarter projects. It’s very exciting to see what those folks have to bring to the table.


  1. Please support the Peter Pan GN. An adaptation of “Peter & Wendy” has been on my list of future projects, and if this one doesn’t happen, you’ll have to settle for my take on it, which won’t look nearly as good.

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