Cartoonist makes $4.3 million


…from selling his house.

Famed cartoonist/playwright/screenwriter/all-around genius Jules Feiffer is leaving Manhattan, and selling his Upper West Side apartment, a biggish four-bedroom, 3 1/2 bath affair that he probably paid far less than $4.395 million for 34 years ago.


Shorties! The Best of The Graphic Short Story Prize


For the past six years, the UK’s Observer newspaper has been hand choosing and rewarding the best of the year’s up and coming graphic novelists for their Graphic Short Story Prize. In conjunction with publishing house Jonathan Cape and the London International Comics Festival (which, if you happen to be on that side of the […]


iVerse to Curate Crowdfunding Projects (Updated)

It’s quite the day for digital announcements.  First DC moves their  comics into digital bookstores, now iVerse is set to curate comics crowdfunding projects.  That’s not as totally out of the blue as it sounds.


Nice Art: Daniel Danger


Danger specializes in foreboding visions of deserted structures menaced by mysterious figures. We could look at it all day. More here.


DC’s Monthly Comics Now On Amazon/Kindle, iPad/iBooks, B&N/Nook

Detective Kindle

DC Comics just made a big move in the digital space.  If you read The Beat regularly, you’ll have seen me scratching my head at the idea of why any publisher would want to do a digital exclusive, since it completely misses the point of digital. I’ve also said a thing or two about the […]


INTERVIEW: The 2012 Thought Bubble Anthology is Here!


Lisa Wood is the founder of Leeds’ Thought Bubble Festival, which is now only ten days away (AIIEEEE indeed, readers), but last year also saw her compile a Thought Bubble Anthology book, with all proceeds going to the children’s charity Barnardo’s. Last year’s anthology, released throughImage, saw creative talent like Mike Carey, Anthony Johnson and […]


HarperCollins picks up webcomic Nimona


After a brief flirtation during publishing webcomics in the “graphic novel boom” of the Aughts, it’s been pretty rare to see something picked up by a major publisher, but here’s just such a story: Noelle Stevenson’s fantasy webcomic


Telling Stories at Archaia, Making Buddies at Dark Horse, and Pigging Out at Image: Nate Cosby Talks Comics


By Matt O’Keefe Nate Cosby rose through the ranks at Marvel to become editor of such critically acclaimed all-ages titles Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Thor The Mighty Avenger. In 2010 he went freelance, leaving Marvel and writing for publishers like Archaia, Image, and Dark Horse. I talked […]


John Stanley Alert: Election Day


From Little Lulu 39, 1950