…from selling his house.

Famed cartoonist/playwright/screenwriter/all-around genius Jules Feiffer is leaving Manhattan, and selling his Upper West Side apartment, a biggish four-bedroom, 3 1/2 bath affair that he probably paid far less than $4.395 million for 34 years ago.

Feiffer reports he’s moving to the country—Southhampton, L.I.—permanently, and working on a new graphic novel. After having created iconic cartoons for the Village Voice for decades, Feiffer’s leaving the thrum of the city is a bit sad, but it happens to most of us. “You begin each day coping. There’s a kind of built-in abrasiveness living in the city. You wake up and you start dealing with the events of the day. If you don’t start dealing, you fall behind.”



  1. I’ve always identified him with New York, the city is very literally losing one of the things that made it the city that it is.

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