For the past six years, the UK’s Observer newspaper has been hand choosing and rewarding the best of the year’s up and coming graphic novelists for their Graphic Short Story Prize. In conjunction with publishing house Jonathan Cape and the London International Comics Festival (which, if you happen to be on that side of the pond, happens this upcoming weekend), this year’s winner is Corban Wilkins with his charming story called BUT I CAN’T, a tale about the friendship of two girls and the possibility of the extraterrestrial.

What makes this year so different is beyond the accolade of being dubbed the best Graphic Short Story, the Observer and Jonathan Cape have compiled Wilkin’s BUT I CAN’T along with previous winners from years past as well as other noteworthy entries into SHORTIES, an anthology of graphic short stories carefully curated and chosen by comics legend Bryan Talbot. At a 125 pages with 21 different stories, SHORTIES! is a tremendous display of the emerging canon of graphic storytelling from Britain. The book does a wonderful job in showcasing a panorama of new talent, each rich and diverse in their storytelling and art.

Curious to see how it reads? Well, you’re in luck because SHORTIES! is available for your own viewing pleasure HERE. Vintage Books has offered an online, downloadable iBook or print version all on their website.



  1. I may be wrong here but unless they’ve updated the pdf, this collection only features last year’s winners and selected entrants from the years before that. It’s still a cracking read and well worth your time. I assume this year’s winners can be found on the Jonathan Cape or the Observer’s website somewhere.

  2. Hello,

    I have published a graphic short story with the illustrator Daniel Wheeler. Would you please e-mail the site where our pdh version of The Plowshare can be forwarded to you.

    I tried clicking on your site but I went to a microsoft sign in which wouldn’t tell me what my own password is.

    Thanks for anfdy help frofm across the big pond.
    Best: Doug Flaherty
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