Rob Liefeld Vs. Honey Badger

By Todd Allen As Rob Liefeld’s Twitter feed continues to joust with the likes of Tom Brevoort and Scott Snyder, it’s time to steal a tactic from DC and Marvel.  Yes, it’s an Internet meme crossover: Rob Liefeld vs. Honey Badger.

R.I.P. Jerry Nelson

________________________________________________________________________ The New York Times reports that Jerry Nelson, noted Muppet performer, has passed away due to complications from emphysema.  The Muppet wikia notes his full biography, and his legacy, both on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, is amazing.  Like the interchangeable Whatnot Muppets, Jerry Nelson was versatile, using his talents to fill numerous […]

Winter and Kelly Sue assemble Ninja Princesses (and Ninja Kitties)

By Steve Morris Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel, and Pretty Deadly not enough for her, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has taken on a new project, at the request of a young writer she met, called Winter. As described way better on DeConnick’s blog (which you should read before continuing with this piece), Winter first approached the […]

Coming Attractions: Andrews McMeel: Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

___________________________________________________________________________ Andrews McMeel is the publishing division of what was once known as the Universal Press Syndicate. If one ignores the various archival publishers of comicstrips, then AMU is the predominant publisher of comicstrip collections in the United States. This Fall, AMU launches a line aimed at kids, known as AMP!. Diary of a Wimpy […]

Kickstarter Watch: THE PROJECTS

Calling forth “a new era for comics arts,” Portland’s Floating World Comics is organizing an epic three-day mash of workshops, exhibitions, panels, and performances all set to nurturing comic expression and collaboration. The Kickstarter for this extravaganza, appropriately titled THE PROJECTS, has only 7 days remaining to fund this ambitious gathering.