Heck yeah: Comics Workbook

Frank Santoro’s new process blog Comics Workbook, which has “flipped the script”:

SPOILER: Black Panther’s Decision in Avengers Vs X-Men #9

With the new surprise in this week’s issue of Avengers Vs X-Men now revealed, I offer a look at Black Panther’s history, and why Marvel chose to go in this direction with him

The Kirkman/Bendis debates revisited: who's winning now?

Revisiting the debate over whether the Image model is as viable as the company model for creators to make a living.

Alan Moore's UNEARTHING coming from Top Shelf

Luckily for the world Alan Moore is nearly as productive as he is cantankerous, and he has interesting stuff coming out at regular intervals. UNEARTHING, a biography of Moore’s close friend and mentor Steve “No Relation” Moore, was originally published in 2010 as a prose book but Top Shelf is publishing a NEW edition with photos by Mitch Jenkins that have turned it into a narrative art book. A special limited edition goes on sale today.

Roger Slifer update and auction

Lobo-co-creator, Roger Slifer. Slifer, who was struck by a hit-and-run white sedan in Santa Monica, Calif., on June 23, remains hospitalized and faces a very long recovery. As of last Friday, he was moved to Barlow Respiratory Hospital, a facility that specializes in respiratory issues. Slifer still cannot breathe on his own, but it is hoped that in 3-6 weeks he’ll be able to do that, and can start rehab in 3-6 months. Slifer’s cousin, Emma, has further updates on his medical condition on Facebook.

The Olympics for Nerds: The Parade of Olympic Mascots

While you may not be interested in sporting events, the history of Olympic Mascots ties into such familiar Beat territory as licensing and furries. According to the Smithsonian , the Germans, who innovated the pictographs we spotlighted earlier, also invented the Olympic mascot with Wendi, a lovable dachshund who introduced the 1972 Summer games in Munich. It was only the beginning of a parade of characters hated and loved, but most often hated.

Kick-Watcher: Agent 88, Silver Bottle, Pawn Store

By: Henry Barajas Every time I go to the Kickstarter web site to see what’s new I’m faced with countless new projects.  I find myself facing a dilemma; either supporting a project or having food on my table until next payday. Project: AGENT 88 – THE WEB SERIES Talent/Project Manager: Digger T Mesch Days to […]

Bob Wayne marks 25 years at DC Comics

We’re told that today, August 1st, 2012 marks DC Senior Vice President, Sales of DC Comics Bob Wayne’s 25th anniversary at DC, that’s a pretty astonishingly long run and there aren’t too many people who have been at the same place in the industry for longer.

Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu are Indestructible (writing Hulk)

Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu are the creative team for what is probably going to be Marvel’s new Incredible Hulk series. Anyone betting we’ll see ‘Fantastic’ appear tomorrow?

Read Comics in Public Day is THIS August 28th

Read Comics in Public 2012 has just been announced for Tuesday, August 28th, which happens to be another great date in comics history:

Quote of the day: Brandon Routh edition

— SUPERMAN RETURNS star Brandon Routh on his new role in Partners, a new CBS sitcom about hilariously mismatched roomates, one gay one straight. Routh actually plays the wacky neighbor as near as we can make out.

Kibbles 'n' Bits: TCJ archives now available

Simple tips to give to your friends who want to get into comics and the secret life of Abraham Lincoln.