“The step from superhero to gay man isn’t a big step, is it?”

— SUPERMAN RETURNS star Brandon Routh on his new role in Partners, a new CBS sitcom about hilariously mismatched roomates, one gay, one straight. Routh actually plays the wacky neighbor as near as we can make out.

The quote was spotted in a Hollywood Reporter piece that asked Superhero Stars: Does a Comic Book Film Help or Hurt a Career? in which it was decided that

* starring in a crappy superhero movies doesn’t do much good for your career (Ioan Gruffud)

* starring in highly entertaining huge hits seems to help your career (Robert Downey Jr.)

* but sometimes starring in a horrible horrible superhero movie doesn’t hurt you either (George Clooney)


  1. Today, it doesn’t seem to really hurt or result in being typecast as in George Reeves’/Adam West’s day — what matters is the choices you make afterwards.

    Most people don’t seem to blame Routh for Superman Returns — I thought his casting was fine, it was the movie’s approach that came up short.

    Clooney said in an interview that his accountant told him that if he did Batman, he wouldn’t have to work again — meaning that it freed him to do work he believed in rather than for money, and he’s had a terrific career. Today it’s a chance to boost your career — I wonder if Routh would even have the roles he’s had now without Superman?

  2. Heh. I’m just glad to see that Routh is still getting work. I’ve liked everything I’ve seen him in, starting with the much maligned Superman Returns. Then again, I haven’t seen his Dylan Dog film.