By Steve Morris

Continuing Mark Waid’s seeming obsession with the in- prefix, Marvel’s third of what will presumably be five teasers revealing their upcoming ‘Marvel NOW!’ books has been revealed. He’ll be teaming up this November with artist Leinil Francis Yu, for what is likely to be a new Incredible Hulk relaunch. The news comes from CBR, which means we have to put up with that little obnoxious ‘CBR exclusive!’ tag which we all hate so well.

This is the third Avenger to be given a relaunched solo series after AvX concludes, following the apparent Thor and Iron Man creative teams announced earlier this week. Hulk only relaunched itself recently, with Jason Aaron trying out a new run which saw Banner as the monster and Hulk as the desperate hero. Which, well, that’s had mixed reviews. Next time’s the charm?

Oh, and if the Marvel NOW! promotional image from Joe Quesada is any indication… Hulk’s going to be wearing some armour. No sign of She-Hulk Jennifer Walters yet, but rest assured that I’ll leap onto the internet, keyboard blazing, as soon as there is even the barest indication that she might show up somewhere.


  1. Interesting.

    So all of the movie Avengers will have ongoings in the coming months with the exception of Black Widow, regulated to co-star status in Brubaker’s and Lark’s Winter Solider.

    P.S. – Wonder who will be on Cap’s book and what the hook of it will be.

  2. The Hulk wearing armor…but Hulk is already strongest one there is.

    Green Hulk used to be strongest one there is. The red Hulks are now apparently stronger than their green counterparts.


  3. I’ll be glad when the Red Hulk trend finally dies. They can share room in the has-bin with all the various Venom offshoots that infested the spider titles in the 90’s.

  4. We live in a golden era of Hulks. It used to be we had to put up with only two Hulks: The Hulk and She-Hulk.

    But now we have Hulk, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Skaar (son of Hulk), Hiro-Kala (son of Hulk), and She-Hulk 2 (Lyra daughter of Hulk). I can’t believe I ever read comics that only had one or two Hulks in them.

    I also wish Spider-Man’s Clone Saga never ended and loved when Superman was one of 100,000 living Kryptonians. I hate it when something I like is unique and interesting.

  5. Rip-offs are a hallowed super-hero comics tradition. Elongated Man and his wife are the detective couple from The Thin Man (get it hurr hurr), Batman is the Shadow, Green Lanterns are the Lensmen, Punisher is Mack Bolan the Executioner, X-men was almost a complete lift from the sci-fi novel Children of the Atom, etc, etc.

    Stuff like Red Hulk is just the modern equivalent of the practice, except more obvious since it’s a concept ripping off itself. This is, of course, because the creators doing it only read super-hero comics unlike their predecessors that also read novels.

  6. waid is doing a great job on daredevil, so i’m gonna be optimistic that he’ll do a great job on the hulk, but there have been cases where a writer that is doing great on one book switches and/or takes on a second title and completely tanks, but one never knows, so we’ll see how it goes.