By: Henry Barajas

Every time I go to the Kickstarter web site to see what’s new I’m faced with countless new projects.  I find myself facing a dilemma; either supporting a project or having food on my table until next payday.


Talent/Project Manager: Digger T Mesch

Days to Go: 10

Goal: $88,000

Pledged: $21,638

The spiel: This is a dark comedy; a live action web series about an 88 year old British woman who is the world’s deadliest and oldest assassin.  Digger T Mesch (director, producer and creator) and William O’Neill (writer) describe this series as a mix between KILL BILL, CRANK and MR. MAGOO. The cast stars Kay D’Arcy (CRIMINAL MINDS), Carlos Gallardo (EL MARIACHI and DESPERADO), Ricardo Mamood-Vega (ULTRAVIOLET), Joseph Gatt (THOR and STAR TREK 2 (2013) and Damion Poitier (THE AVENGERS and TRUE BLOOD). The Kickstarter page also lists a cameo by the Ninja Turtle creator himself, Kevin Eastman.

The project offers a lot of cool incentives like Agent 88 apparel, minimates that are limited to only 500 figures, your name in the credits and a HD DVD of AGENT 88 pilot. What makes this project for me is the HEAVY METAL Presents Art of 88 (hardback or soft cover) books that includes a very comprehensive bunch of creators. Here is a complete (subject to change) list of creators in this book:

The project needs $71,162.00 with less than a week to go.  If an 88-year old woman with Alzheimer’s can be a secret agent anything is possible, right?

Project: Silver Bottle Comics

Talent/Project Manager: Brian John Mitchell

Days to Go: 2

Goal: $300

Pledged: $555

The bait: Do you like littering and comic books? Here is your dream project.

Brian John Mitchell (writer, project organizer) is known for making small match book sized comics, also known as ‘micro comics’. Inspired by a Twilight Zone episode he is going to put his mini comics in bottles and set them free in the ocean. The comics are illustrated by Kimberlee Traub, Joe Badon and Jason Young.  The incentives entail PDF copies of the books, sponsoring a micro book (they will write your name and contact information in the micro comic that gets sent off to sea) and 6 bottles including all 65+ comics Brian has created, shipped to you in a wooden box.  Brian wants to offer something tangible that is unique and something you can’t offer digitally.  They aren’t asking for much so go kick them some copper.

Project: Pawn Shop: Love and Life in NYC

Talent/Project Manager: Joey Esposito

Days to Go: 21

Goal: $7,000

Pledged: $5,545

The carrot on a stick: Joey Esposito (Footprints, Grimm Fairy Tales), Sean Von Gorman (Secret Adventures of Houdini) and Adam Pruett are trying to raise money to print their original graphic novel Pawn Shop. The comic book takes place in New York where all the characters are interconnected and effect each other’s lives whether they know it or not.

Incentives include digital download, signed copies, thank you credits, Skype conversation with Joey and your portrait in the book.  Probably the most bizarre and appealing incentive I have ever seen, for $2,500 Sean will travel to any location in the US and perform his straight jacket escape act.

The creators have made the first six pages of the book available to read here.

In my previous article I covered Wild Blue Yonder and when we left off it was sitting at $5,595.  With 8 days to go the project still needs and only needs $3,070 to get to $12,000.00 goal. Please visit the project and donate, share, retweet and help get the word out and get this project funded.

I got tons of comments and emails regarding the “Kickstarter bubble” was in danger due to the amount of presence from the ‘pros.’  So this time around I tried to spread some love to the less prominent cartoonist and help “Kickstart” their careers.