More on "Comic-Con Episode IV – A Fan's Hope" opening

We’ve received an official statement on the changed plans for the roll-out of the new Morgan Spurlock Comic-Con documentary:


John Carter: the Final Trailer


Too little, too late?

Do not count out Andrew Stanton and Pixar!


Earth 2 "New Costume Week" Marches On

Looks like this really is Earth 2’s “New Costume Week.” I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Superman and Alan Scott/Green Lantern are going to appear in the next two days, although Jay Garrick/The Flash was mentioned in the solicitation.


New Avengers trailer: They must unite to save the world!

INCEPTION whoom whoom music? Check.


EXCLUSIVE: Archie's Occupy Riverdale cover by Gisele Lagace

Archie just can’t stay out of the news! While a million moms may be marching against Riverdale, they are staging their own Occupy movement. Whose side is Reggie Mantle on?

Archie Comics has provided us with the actual cover to ARCHIE #365, which comes out in July. Story by Alex Segura Jr. Art by Gisele Legace.


REVEALED!! Success in Comics

Despite all the gloom and doom talk in the biz of late, there is still room for Success in Comics, Alan Gardner writes. In fact they held a whole seminar devoted to the topic!


Nice art: Mattotti's "The Washer"

Or perhaps that should be VERY nice art. A new story by Italian great Lorenzo Mattotti, written by Claudio Piersanti in Corriere della Sera. Via Meathaus


CONFIRMED: 'Comic-Con' doc's tour canceled before it began?

Just a few short, happy days ago, we announced the the long-awaited release of Comic-Con Episode IV — A Fan’s Hope, the Comic-Con documentary by Morgan Spurlock. The VOD release was to be accompanied by a limited theatrical release which would include mini comic-cons at each stop, with comic-con-y activities like exhibits, costume contests and so on.

Well, this rather mysterious item in the Sun-Sentinel states that the entire tour has been canceled:


It had to happen: One Million Moms targets Archie's gay marriage and Toys 'r' Us

While you might have expected much outcry over the introduction of a gay character into the traditionalist world of Riverdale, reaction to Archie Comics’s Kevin Keller has been overwhelmingly positive. But Archie has heedlessly kept hurtling down the highway, hellbent for tolerance, going further and further until it seemed inevitable they would rouse a bear somewhere: Kevin got his own series and even his own wedding issue, one of those flash forwards in which he marries a doctor who helped him recover from injuries sustained in the Iraq war.

Well, let your faith in the bigotry of humanity be restored: a pressure group is threatening a boycott of Toys ‘r’ Us over carrying the offending comic.


300 victim: Poor, poor Gerard Butler

Whatever happened to Gerard Butler? You may recall that while once a regular on the Beat’s pages, the Scottish actor became distraught when the Beat became engaged, and was sent reeling into a downward spiral of drugs, terrible romcoms, and dating his costars.


To do, 2/29 Toronto: Amazing Mysteries Launch at the Beguiling

Author Blake Bell discusses his book on Bill Everett at the Beguiling. More info.