Archie just can’t stay out of the news! While a million moms may be marching against Riverdale, they are staging their own Occupy movement. Whose side is Reggie Mantle on?

Archie Comics has provided us with the actual cover to ARCHIE #365, which comes out in July. Story by Alex Segura Jr. Art by Gisele Lagace.


  1. They mentioned this in detail over at the Archie blog a week or so ago. I’ve got to say, I’m not looking forward to this. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m one of the only people I know who actively reads Archie (and sundry titles) on a regular basis. So I know that they don’t shy away from “relevant” topics like social media, community activism, environmentalism, bullying, politics, etc. So this really isn’t a shock to me. It just seems that it’s a bit late and I’m worried about how balanced it’s going to be.

    You see, back when Barak Obama and Sarah Palin showed up a while back in Feb of last year (Archie #616-617), they did a good job of presenting the characters in a balanced manner. But this might be a little trickier.

    Also, I don’t have much faith in the writer, Alex Segura Jr. He wrote the recent Archie Meets KISS four-issue mini-series, and I found it to be rather disjointed and confused. I realize that particular storyline was a fantasy that occurred out of continuity (not that Archie and friends have a strong continuity, but there is a general one), but it jumped around from scene to scene and just bounced around, particularly in the last two issues. With that as my starting point, I don’t have a lot of faith for this issue.

    However… I will buy it. So, I guess they got my $3 no matter how good it is (or isn’t).

  2. Luke: Expressing concerns about how it will be handled doesn’t equate to a blanket condemnation of it. So I will buy it because I am willing to give it a chance before making up my mind about it. Also, I have liked other material by that writer, so again… I’m going to give it a chance.

    ADAM: I don’t like either cover, to be honest. In the new one, Archie’s head is not quite shaped correctly (his hair should be a little taller, as his head looks a bit squashed right now). Plus, the boys all have HUGE EYEBROWS (even Reggie in the background).

    I recognize most of the people in the cover (pretty sure that’s Frankie right up front with Betty and Kevin, looks like Tomiko next to Mr. Lodge). But the blonde under the red sign in the background… is that Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch? Wow, talk about your .001%

  3. Archie’s eyebrows are actually EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE as the Dan DeCarlo Archie that’s part of the logo, and some people actually like the inclusion of more obscure characters, like Sayid (dude with the soul patch) and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, who is so obscure that her live-action TV series only ran for seven years.

    Sorry, I was shooting for a straightforward refutation, and kind of slipped into sarcasm halfway through. Nothing to worry about! Proceed with your lives!

  4. Like me spotting Tomiko, Sabrina and Frankie doesn’t qualify me as a fan of more “obscure” characters? I must admit that I don’t recall Sayid, though, and I wonder where Raj is hiding. I also can’t help but wonder who’s got that red hair in the crowd to our left. Couldn’t possibly be Cheryl Blossom… she would most certainly be over there with Ronnie and Reggie.

    And sorry, I don’t care if the eyebrows are classic homage to Dan DeCarlo’s work… they just look too intense here. I suspect it has to do with the fact that the top of Archie’s head is a bit scrunched looking to me.

    I must admit that I do prefer this to the “new look” cover that was used as preview art. Didn’t care for that at all.

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