Whatever happened to Gerard Butler? You may recall that while once a regular on the Beat’s pages, the Scottish actor became distraught when the Beat became engaged, and was sent reeling into a downward spiral of drugs, terrible romcoms, and dating his costars.

On a more realistic note—or as realistic as TMZ can be—it’s being reported that Butler’s recent stint in rehab for a prescription drug habit was a lingering effect of his insane conditioning for 300, which required its cast to toddle about in little more than loincloths while looking buffer than hell:

Butler’s problems were triggered by the physical demands of shooting “300” in 2006 (see video below of Gerard preparing for the role). We’re told the actor began struggling with pain management, and the problem became exacerbated while filming “Of Men and Mavericks,” when Butler was badly hurt on December 18 during a surfing accident.

We’re told Butler realized he was relying too much on prescription drugs and decided to head off a full-blown addiction by entering Betty Ford three weeks ago.

Tsk tsk. Although we now know some of those ridged abs in 300 were painted on, G. Butt did get into rock-hard shape for the movie. In a SECOND LIFE press conference for the film which we attended (DEAR GOD DO YOU REMEMBER SECOND LIFE???), we asked Butler if he would ever get into that kind of shape for a film again, and he actually sounded pained when he said, “I don’t think I cuu-id.” So, yeah, we’re not surprised.

Luckily Butler, whose recent more-haggard appearances may have led to rumors of being addicted to cocaine, was out and about after the Oscars, looking fit and manly and acting like rehab was a breeze. What a trooper!


  1. He’s done more than the recent romcoms (The ugly Truth, P.S. I love You). His 2011 film, Machine Gun Preacher was fairly well done. I just saw it.

    That says nothing about his personal life… though the character in MGP was about… a drug-addict, violent gang member who found religion. Perhaps Butler will take that to heart. I wish him luck.

  2. His abs were not painted. I’m one of the persons who met him when he was in Montreal filming 300 and I can honestly say I was in awe on ow big he was.

    I believe Hollywood is a bad place for him as they encourage drinking, doing drugs, losing weight when it’s not healthy and you’re under such more pressure there that all those who have survived it, had to keep away from it when they were not filming.

  3. I admire this man more than I can say.
    He has always been super intelligent(he does had a law degree, you know), talented beyond belief, more gorgeous than anyone I’ve ever seen, more sweet spirited than anyone I’ve ever
    known, and more generous than any actor I’ve ever heard of.
    I could never put into words my admiration for him and have it be completely understandable, but I adore him even more for realizing and facing his problem, and seeking help to remedy it on his own.
    My prayers are always with him.My loyalty to him is forever, and my support for him and his career is never ending.
    Love him absolutely,

  4. He also recently did Coriolanus with Ralph Fiennes, for which many gave him props. Ps I Love you is not technically a romcom since it is about a widow. Law abiding Citizen showed him to good effect, a popular movie. Hoping his next films about Mavericks, his Playing the Field (a good director and cast), and his new ones, Thunder Road, Hunter Killer and Brilliant show him off. He was in great shape for Mavericks, as for Coriolanus. He won a stunt actors award for 300, because as his typical of him, based on what bio I know about, he overdid it, as he is highly competitive.

    over all, a good guy, just have to sort of turn away when he gets into some of his train wrecks, like the recent Real Housewife incident.