comic-con episode IV
Just a few short, happy days ago, we announced the the long-awaited release of Comic-Con Episode IV — A Fan’s Hope, the Comic-Con documentary by Morgan Spurlock. The VOD release was to be accompanied by a limited theatrical release which would include mini comic-cons at each stop, with comic-con-y activities like exhibits, costume contests and so on.

Well, this rather mysterious item in the Sun-Sentinel states that the entire tour has been canceled:

The multi-city tour of exhibitor booths, costume displays and panels in association with the April 6 release of Morgan Spurlock’s “geektastic” film “Comic Con A Episode IV — A Fan’s Hope” has been canceled. The tour was scheduled to stop at the Fillmore Miami Beach on April 7, and refunds are available at point of purchase.

We tried to check out the film’s website for clues but…it doesn’t have a website. Hm. Curiouser and curiouser. We imagine someone—maybe from the production company, Wrekin Hill—will be along to explain presently.

Update: One of the Beat’s secret operatives has had this confirmed from Wrekin Hill: NO mini Comic-Con tour.


  1. I am betting that there is some legal vetting that might explain this. Like something didn’t get vetted or they had some permission problems even as careful as they were being when they filmed it.