Diary of a Wimpy Zombie Lawsuit

You’ve doubtless heard of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” the comics-ish series that started out as a web feature, become a best-selling book series and expanded into movies. You may not have heard of “Diary of a Zombie Kid” from Antarctic Press. Written by Fred Perry and drawn by David Hutchison, Zombie Kid has drawn attention from the Wimpy Kid lawyers.

Matthias Wivel on Habibi and cultural criticism

Matthias Wivel is one of a trio of reviewers — Domingos Isabelinho and Ng Suat Tong are the other two — known for applying the most stringent possible personal standards to comics in their criticism. Thus, seeing Wivel come to the defense of HABIBI at The Hooded Utilitarian is a bit of a surprise — but he makes a plausible point. Running down a host of critical beatdowns administered on that site over stereotypes and gender issues, he says that “parts of the comics intelligentsia seem to be developing an unhealthy obsession with ideological readings of comics.”

Help wanted: IDW needs marketing/PR person

Ch-changes! San Diego-based IDW Publishing has an opening for someone in the PR/Marketing Department. They’re looking for an experienced individual in the PR and marketing field — comics experience is a MAJOR plus.

With their strong presence in licensed comics, renewed focus on originals, amazing reprint program and digital growth…well this is where the action is. Think you have what it takes? Send your resume to Dirk Wood: dirk@idwpublishing.com.

Holiday slowdown ahead

Well, we got our Christmas wish! Our internet came back on — magically! But only after we had made a service appointment and had to give up all our last minute Christmas shopping to race — and we do mean race — home.

Time Warner Cable, you know how to push my buttons.

Things are back on line just in time for our annual pilgrimage to Ultima Thule. Everything is slowing down to holiday mode anyhoo. We’ll post some holiday reading just to keep everyone sharp. And remember to shop locally! Like we wanted to…but were prevented from by TIME WARNER CABLE.