Well, we got our Christmas wish! Our internet came back on — magically! But only after we had made a service appointment and had to give up all our last minute Christmas shopping to race — and we do mean race — home.

Time Warner Cable, you know how to push my buttons.

Things are back on line just in time for our annual pilgrimage to Ultima Thule. Everything is slowing down to holiday mode anyhoo. We’ll post some holiday reading just to keep everyone sharp. And remember to shop locally! Like we wanted to…but were prevented from by TIME WARNER CABLE.

PS: We don’t know where this Godzilla Christmas came from, but we proclaim it a holiday classic.


  1. Whoops.. mysterious web kaiji ate some of my post when I pasted those links.

    The articles say it was from the Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan back in 2000. It makes sense as it looks like Godzilla from Godzilla 2000.