Gift Guide: The Walking Dead Compendium, Volume 1 is 50% off

Looking for a last minute giftable? B&N is selling The Walking Dead Compendium, Volume 1 for $29.99 — half of the regular $59.99 price — but only until 2:59 am December 20th, so don’t dawdle.

At 1088 pages, this collection of the first 48 issues of THE WALKING DEAD have proven a great entry point into the world of Rick Grimes vs the Zombies — even at that price it’s a consistent bestseller.

Politics: Marvin E. Quasniki would lead a puppet regime

If you are like us, you are still grieving at the loss of Herman Cain from next year’s presidential race. From his powerful hats, to his inspiring slogans — “You need a job, right?” — to his wondrous waffling that made every scandal a delight, Cain never failed to bring a smile to our lips, even in these grim times. And he justified that faith in his ability to make us laugh at our problems right up until the very end, topping it off with a quote with the Pokémon movie.

But Herman is gone. Luckily, a new candidate for the Republican nomination has arisen who may just take his place, Marvin E. Quasniki, a humble turquoise farmer from Tonopah, Nevada who is running on a very catchy campaign motto that will soon be heard all over Fox News: “No more bullshit.”

Nine years of AdHouse Books

Chris Pitzer looks back on his nine years of publishing at AdHouse Books — from Pulpatoon Pilgrimage and on through such coveted art books as Pulphope and Process Recess to acclaimed works like Duncan the Wonder Dog and Skyscrapers of the Midwest. With stops for Afrodisiac and PopeHats and more. Even goofy stuff like the Mort Grim, a comic book about cars.

Each year’s output from AdHouse will only take up a few inches on your bookshelf — but those are precious inches. What a great line-up of strongly individual visions and wonderful stories, each presented in a well-designed format.

DC New 52 Writer Changes Now At 17%; March Artists Show 21% Change: A Score Card

With the March (issue 7) solicitations out, we have a little better idea of what the first round of changes for the New 52/DCnU are. Some of these departures are thought to be the writer choosing to leave (Simone, Brandon) and some appear to be the writer getting the quick hook (Cornell, Gates). When these change decisions were made, there has been history of collected edition sale and it may be a little early to judge digital sales. (Do we know what happens to sales when the titles drop to $1.99? This is new enough, you’d really like to see more than 2-3 months of digital sales before trusting it.)