Looking for a last minute giftable? B&N is selling The Walking Dead Compendium, Volume 1 for $29.99 — half of the regular $59.99 price — but only until 2:59 am December 20th, so don’t dawdle.

At 1088 pages, this collection of the first 48 issues of THE WALKING DEAD have proven a great entry point into the world of Rick Grimes vs the Zombies — even at that price it’s a consistent bestseller.

BTW if you want some kind of idea of how pervasive THE WALKING DEAD has become due to the TV show, during a long subway ride home from a holiday party, The Beat overheard hipsters on the L talking about what kind of guns were the best to kill zombies on the show. Upon getting off the subway, we were regaled with TINTIN posters and a bus with a WALKING DEAD ad on the side. Comics: inescapable.


  1. I saw a late 20s/early 30s mother with a Walking Dead T-Shirt on at my daughter’s volleyball practice last weekend.

    Hope a (significant) fraction of the fans of the tv show become fans of the comic as well (and in fairness this lady could have been a fan of the comic and not the show, but I’m assuming based on years of “civilians” not knowing what the hell I’m talking about when I mention comics)

  2. It looks like other distributors are out of stock as well…

    If you missed the deal yesterday, it’s still 48% off at BN.com.

    It currently ranks #152 on BN.com. Followed by the hardcover of volume one at #261. And volume 15 (TP) at #380. Then it’s Batman Noel, Scott Pilgrim in a box, then Book Two (HC) at #609.