Don MacPherson gathers the evidence “for”.


  1. One of my problems with the current Marvel Universe (under Bendis especially) is that everyone knows everyone else like it’s one big club especially when it comes to past hook-ups. Millar suggested a friends with benefits relationship with Tony Stark and Emma Frost. Apparently, Stark and Thor both had relations with Hellcat during her short stint in the Avengers according to Avengers: Prime. Of course, that also had the symbolic “bragging about it in the locker room” element to it. Not sure what Bendis’ deal is with wanting super heroes to have casual sexual relationships with one another but it gets old fast. This is just another example of that.

  2. Squirrel Girl is the most pathetic super hero I have ever seen. To have Wolverine get busy with her is truely pathetic. Remember when Wolverine was one of the coolest and best selling titles at Marvel. I sure do. then came relaunches, poor stories, Daken and X-23 and the other 23 children with claws and healing factors, and now this. Marvel really screwed him up, not to mention the over exposure, being on like 3 teams and having 2 monthlies (and more). Way to go Marvel. Now dont forget to do the same with Spider-Man (again) and his 12,779 clones. (Throw in a relaunch and renumbering scheme 12 months later too!)

  3. In a way, Marvel of the 21st century reminds me of DC in the 1950s and 1960s. While there’s some good stuff going on, there’s gonna be a lot of stuff that future creators are just gonna wanna retcon out of existence.

    This is gonna be one of those future retcon things.

  4. I’m not a huge Wolverine fan but I was recently re-reading the Claremont run of Uncanny and I have a hard time relating that Wolverine to the current Wolverine. I honestly believe that alot of current writers are using him as their Mary Sue to fufill their fantasies.

  5. Reading the article, it seems like a bit of a reach and places the blame squarely with Bendis. There are too many other highly plausible narratives provided in the comments. When you couple that with the fact that Bendis has a young daughter, it just becomes even more dubious.

  6. The inclusion of Squirrel Girl in New Avengers didn’t just break my suspension of disbelief, which Bendis does quite often, it irreparably shattered it.

    Squirrel Girl has been shown (in humorous context) to have beaten Dr. Doom multiple times, and her appearance in New Avengers acknowledged that. Is she mega-powerful, or is she a fifth-stringer? Bendis tries to make her both.

  7. Maybe Squirrel Girl is a teenager in human years, imagine how old that would be in squirrel years! That alone would negate the statutory problem, right?

  8. after reading the comments over at the link provided, i would have to agree that there is not enough info (especially about squirrel girl’s past or origins)to know one way or another what happened between the wolverine and the squirrel. if your looking for a bendis written rape scene, look no further than new avengers #26, where hawkeye comes back to life, tracks down the scarlet witch, finds her with no memory of him, her brother, or her past life with the avengers. with wanda not in her right mind, he decides the best course of action is to jump in the sack with her (something she would never do if she were in her right state of mind, but something he’s always wanted to do). when i pointed out that this was rape at an avengers fan website, man, did i get it from all sides telling me that hawkeye did nothing wrong or that what hawkeye did was sleazy, but did not measure up to the crime of rape because even tho’ wanda was not in her right mind, she was still a willing partner. i countered that since they didn’t have a problem with that situation happening to wanda (yes i know a fictional character, but in a situation (a person not being in their right state of mind) that could very well happen in real life tho’ the chances are small), i guess it wouldn’t be a problem if it happened to their mom, or sister, or aunt, or daughter. the discussion didn’t last too long after that, and as far as the characters involved, i know that not having a hero not always doing the right thing can sometimes make for a more interesting character, but that whole scenario in new avengers #26 was over the top and in bad taste. maybe someday they’ll do what sphinx magoo suggested and retcon the whole story out of existance. one could hope. thanks for letting me rant.

  9. Ehhh…if this is true, which I don’t think it is, then all of Wolverine’s fatherly interactions with all the teenaged X-girls (Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, Armor, and Oya) come into question. Was he being fatherly or being a perv? I don’t think Marvel would do this, but if they do…ew.

  10. Plenty of legitimate gender discussions on this site, but I really don’t think this is one of them. As mentioned above, the ongoing joke is that Squirrel Girl has defeated Dr. Doom, Thanos, and other A-list villains easily, off panel. While I’m not saying a similarly laughable, off-panel romantic history with an A-list hero is a GOOD gag, it’s clearly a gag.

    Not that statutory rape is something to joke about, but Don (who’s reviews I enjoy) is grasping at straws by referencing one (recap page, not in-story) reference to her being a teenager. Even if she is, in Marvel time she could have been 18 or 19 for the last decade.

    Wolverine’s super old, so that’s still kind of skeevy… but if you think that way, so were Angel and Buffy and many other supernatural/human couples. If you think about it too literally, 200 years age difference is creepy, regardless of the age of consent in your particular state or province.

  11. I just cant get over the dialogue on that page.

    Logan: “Doreen”
    Sq Girl: “James…you look well”
    Logan: “What are you doing here ?”
    Sq Girl: “I work here”
    Logan:” I thought we agreed never to see each other again”
    Sq Girl: “Are you on this team ?”
    Logan: “Yes, I am”
    Sq Girl: “Oh”

    He’s James for heaven’s sake !!

    I loved Powers and Daredevil and still re-read them but I havent been able to read Bendis’ Avengers since Disassembled.

  12. @Charles–I suspect that about 95% of people buying comics today remember when Wolverine was one of Marvel’s “coolest” characters.

    I’m all for letting him take a long vacation from the Avengers, but I have mixed feelings about trying to revert him to his old personality. I think his portrayal in Wolverine & the X-Men is a nice progression for the character.

  13. @ Marvelbunny:

    Well, since Wolverine didn’t know his name was James until House of M, that would make any encounter decades ago, or within the last few months, or a year at most, Marvel time.

    Again, not to say its not creepy, but statutory rape is a helluva leap.

  14. Wow I’d forgotten about Hawkeye with the Scarlett Witch. Of course, Chuck Austen pulled the same kind of wish fulfillment with Hawkeye and the Wasp. Marvel’s writers can make up their minds if Wolverine or Hawkeye is Marvel’s biggest stud!

  15. To establish a claim for statutory rape, you need to three facts: 1) that sexual contact occurred; 2) Where (geographically) the sexual contact occurred, and; 3) the ages of the parties at the time of the contact. Apply those facts to the elements of a particular jurisdiction’s sexual assault statutes. Only then can you make a claim of “statutory rape.”

    In this case, we don’t know ANY of the facts. Was there contact? Implied, perhaps, but not established. Where did it happen? Canada, where the age of consent has been as low as 14? West Virginia, Maine, or Massachusetts, where it’s 16? And how old was Squirrel Girl when it happened? None of these items are established.

    With no “facts” – this is fiction, after all – the entire discussion is little more than salacious conjecture. I’m disappointed you’ve given Mr. MacPherson the publicity without providing some context or comment.

  16. No, but he obviously thought about doing the deed. I forget if this scene was #8 or #9 but when Jean and friends are trying to save Wolverine from the demons possessing him they start opening the doors to his mind. The one that leads to the panel above is marked My Sexual Fantasies, clearing him of the charge at hand.

  17. The Wolverine I knew apparently died when Clairemont/ Byrne left the title. I have no clue who these other 50 Wolverines are. Squirrel girl? No idea she existed until someone hit me with the ” squirrel girl handed him his ass” on youtube in response to one of my posts. I’m kind of glad I haven’t read much in the past 2 decades. Every time I buy a book it’s the same story written a different way. And everyone wants to recreate a hero. I agree with all that has been written here. I suppose I feel grateful that I can’t pick up an “X” title. This way the team is preserved in memory. As for the new face of Wolverine in the stringy 6 foot tall, chatty Cathy Hugh Jackman. I guess the Biker X-Men in black leather was just a matter of time. Or perhaps they all have Dissociative Identity Disorder. And these are just a few of their “alternates”. Either way, unless they make a decent movie I refuse to see it. I waited 30 years for an X-Men movie, and I got an okay movie about a team I didn’t recognize with an aging Jean Grey, funky Wolverine, Librarian Storm, WTF. Maybe they should just catch us all up and do a romantic comedy about “James”, and the long tailed Rodent girl. Hey, that’s even a good title.

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