The Relative Popularity of The 52 Relaunch Titles: Animal Man Up, Firestorm Down

Marc-Oliver can tell you how the actual sales levels of the DC relaunch are, but let’s take a look at a slightly different metric: how do the relative popularity of the “New 52” compare to the way that retailers initially ordered them? With November’s sales estimates, we see orders where the retailers had a chance to see how the #1’s moved and potentially the #2’s in some cases, before the cutoff dates for adjusting orders.

IDW switches to comiXology for storefronts, goes day and date

Well now, comiXology took one step toward becoming the next Diamond as IDW is now powering its stores via comiXology. IDW, always considered one of the most aggressive companies in terms of digital, also announced they will be fully day and date —at full cover price.

IDW had formerly used iVerse to power their standalone stores for series like GI Joe, Transformers and Ben Templesmith, so this is quite a switch.

Cartoonists sound off on sex problems

Grace Bello has taken the bold step of going to cartoonists and asking them for sex advice —
and posting the results on Nerve. The results may shock you. Not really, but we had to say that, just because “cartoonists” and “sex” were long considered a bad match –unless you were one of those swinging ’60s Don Draper cartoonists in the NCS, of course. Anyway, back to the present day.

Rick Altergott on the pecking order: