Grace Bello has taken the bold step of going to cartoonists and asking them for sex advice —
and posting the results on Nerve. The results may shock you. Not really, but we had to say that, just because “cartoonists” and “sex” were long considered a bad match –unless you were one of those swinging ’60s Don Draper cartoonists in the NCS, of course. Anyway, back to the present day.

Rick Altergott on the pecking order:

Before you were married, did you have any groupies? Has being a cartoonist gotten you laid?

No, not really. I met some pretty nice girls through the business of cartooning. Back in the ’90s, I was at a party with Jaime Hernandez, and this cute girl came up to us, and she was one of his fans. And then the same night, there was another girl who was a fan of my comic, Doofus, and she was not nearly as pretty. And both of us were like, “There’s your fan, and here’s my fan.” But I wouldn’t say either of them was a groupie. I’ve never had someone come on to me as a result of me being a cartoonist.

Anders Nilsen proves that he can answer …the big questions:

My husband wants an open relationship. I’m kind of into the idea, but how can we make it work?

One-hundred-percent openness and honesty and being into it for the right reasons. You’ve got to be sure that you’re clear with one another that you’re the primary and you’re not interested in moving on or whatever. I know several people who’ve kind of tried it, and it hasn’t really worked. That’s why I feel like, if it’s going to work, you have to be super-purposeful and clear about it.

Emily Flake just tells it like it is:

Has being a cartoonist gotten you laid?

It’s gotten me not laid, probably. I can’t think of any specific instances in which it’s worked in my favor. I think that the things that make up being a cartoonist are, by and large, the exact same things that keep you from getting laid — pretty much being awkward and sad.

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  1. when i first started my sketch book a few years back i would sometimes ask the artist if they would use their natural talents to try and pick up women, using lines like “excuse me miss, do you mind if i do a sketch of you?” to get the conversation going. without naming names the answers varied. some gave a resounding “hell yeah”, some said they would go to strip joints to sketch the female anatomy for research purposes (yeah, right), and some would give a resounding “hell no, we’re nerds”. a couple of artist found the idea repugnant and one artist said that he didn’t, but that’s because he’s always been married, and another once told me he did a sketch of a playboy bunny that happened to be at the same show he was at, gave her the sketch with his phone number on it, but she never called (can’t blame a guy for trying). so i guess it depends on the personality of the artists, which is as varied as their artistic styles. some do, some don’t. some will, some won’t.