October comics set many sales records


John Jackson Miller has posted his estimates for October 2011 sales ( ICv2’s will be out tomorrow) and it was a month of records:

Help wanted, NYC: Publishers Weekly seeks comics intern


As the leaves turn and fall and the days get shorter, the world churns on, and our wonderful intern DaYoung Jung is moving on to a paid gig doing character designs and backgrounds for video games. Paying work drawing. Bah humbug. What is this world coming to?

Anyway we have another opening for an intern here. Our former interns have all gone on to fame and glory, so consider this the elite of internships.

There is no pay but you get LOTS of free comics and other perks. And if you write anything for the site, magazine or newsletter, you will be paid our regular rates.

Duties include mailing out review copies, coordinating digital review copies, updating spreadsheets, opening mail, and so on. Although we don’t require writing ability, it is a bonus, and as mentioned, there are definitely spots for writing — if you like to write about comics, that skill will be put to good use. Hours are flexible but approximately 10-12 a week.

Help wanted, PDX: Oni seeks interns


Oni Press has sent out a call for interns. If you’re one of the many comics-lover citizens of Portland, this could be a great opportunity. Info below:

The Twelve is actually going to be completed in '12


Marvel has released schedule and cover art info for THE TWELVE, an ambitious 12 issue miniseries by J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston that stalled out somewhere after issue #8 in 2008. In order for newcomers to catch up, the’ll be offering a colelction of the first 6 issues,, a must have of issues 7 and 8 and then the rest of the series twice monthly starting in February:

Jack Davis, Phoebe Gloeckner headline Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest


The featured guests for this Decembers Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival have been announced, and it’s pretty spectacular: CF, Jack Davis, Phoebe Gloeckner, Lisa Hanawalt, Chip Kidd, David Mazzucchelli, John Porcellino and Brian Ralph.

If you are like us, you are most excited about the chance to meet the legendary Jack Davis, who was not only an EC Comics mainstay, but one of the original MAD artists and one of the most influential illustrators of the 60s and 70s with his unmistakeable “bigfoot” style. So YEAH. Amazing.

Diamond removes swastikas from GLORY and PIGS covers in Previews


Over at his blog, Image Publisher Eric Stephensonshows two Image covers that won’t make it into the Previews catalog unaltered because they contain swastikas, which cannot legally be shown in Germany.

Susie Cagle's account of her arrest


Cartoonist/journalist Susie Cagle has a full report on the events on the night of her arrest along with 100 other Occupy Oakland protesters, from the fires at the barricades to jailhouse indignities.

Isabel Greenberg wins the 2011 Graphic Short Story Prize


Isabel Greenberg’s “Love in a Very Cold Climate” — the story of lovers repelled by polar magnetism — has won the 2011 Graphic Short Story prize given out by the Observer/Comica/Vintage Books.

London-Based Greenberg has contributed previously to Nobrow and Solipsistic Pop. The story is part of a larger work called The Encyclopaedia of Early Earth.

iVerse gets $4 million in private equity funding for Comics+


And….another digital provider heard from, as iVerse — which powers the IDW store and has partnered with Diamond for their own digital distribution — has announced a new $4 million funding from the PS&J Group. The money will be used to expand its offerings and for promotion.

The Nook Tablet is here and it's got Marvel graphic novels


Although keeping their GN backstock in print isn’t a Marvel priority, the new Nook Tablet was just announced this morning with Marvel as a very active partner. Marvel’s Ryan Penagos was at the unveiling and live tweeted it and was around to answer follow ups — including avoiding the question of whether this is an exclusive or not.

First the hardware deets; The 7-inch Nook Tablet will run $250 and offer 16 GBs storage, with an SD expansion slot which supports 32 GB SD cards. Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora will be available. Like its predecessor, the Nook Color — which remains available for $199 — the tablet will have browser and email capabilities. Here’s an early review.

Nice art: Know Your Pokécuts of Meat by Sarah Becan


I CHEW you, Pikachu! Sarah Becan has created butcher charts for some of the best known Pokémon and they are both cute and grisly. Bonus prep tips:

Initially considered to be nothing more than an annoying invasive species. Recently it has been discovered that Magikarp hides a light, delicate flavor for the enterprising chef willing to extract this Pokémon’s numerous bones.

Legal Right & Ethical Might Part 2 with AUDIO


On October 21st, Stephen Bissette from The Center for Cartoon Studies met up with Oliver Goodenough from The Vermont Law School to discuss Jack Kirby and his relationship with Marvel Comics. The Comics Journal put the audio up and it is a good listen with a nice James Sturm introduction

Webcomic alert: What's in the Backpack by Victor Kerlow


This rollicking space acventure updates every Tuesday. Creator Victor Kerlow is best known for his illustrations in the New Yorker and elsewhere, but once in a while he gifts us with one of his excellent comics.

Weekend con report: Comikaze in LA


Will LA ever get a good comics show? It seems as elusive as a football team. This weekend saw first time show Comikaze unfold at the LA Convention Center, scene of much heartache over the years. Held just one week after the Long Beach Comic Con, Comikaze still was a sell-out, according to IGN, but first hand reports were very mixed.

Weekend con report: MIX! in Minnesota


The final Minneapolis Indie Xpo wrapped up this weekend, and it sounds like it was fun. The CBLDF’s Charles Brownstein tweeted:

Coming Attractions: Fall 2011: Dark Horse Comics


Aliens! Star Wars! Axe Cop! Milk & Cheese! Avatar! Mignola! Pratt! Minara! Powell! Clamp! Vess!