As the leaves turn and fall and the days get shorter, the world churns on, and our wonderful intern DaYoung Jung is moving on to a paid gig doing character designs and backgrounds for video games. Paying work drawing. Bah humbug. What is this world coming to?

Anyway we have another opening for an intern here. Our former interns have all gone on to fame and glory, so consider this the elite of internships.

There is no pay but you get LOTS of free comics and other perks. And if you write anything for the site, magazine or newsletter, you will be paid our regular rates.

Duties include mailing out review copies, coordinating digital review copies, updating spreadsheets, opening mail, and so on. Although we don’t require writing ability, it is a bonus, and as mentioned, there are definitely spots for writing — if you like to write about comics, that skill will be put to good use. Hours are flexible but approximately 10-12 a week.


  • Working knowledge of Excel
  • Organizational ability
  • Self-starter
  • Familiarity with prepping digital images for the web–knowledge of Graphic Converter or Photoshop preferred
  • Preferred:

  • Familiarity with comics industry — you don’t have to be Bill Blackbeard, but you should know the top five publishers.
  • Writing ability
  • In the past we’ve generally worked with students from SVA for this position. It is a great position for someone in school with a few open hours.

    If you are still interested, email a resume with or without clips to [email protected]