Oni Press has sent out a call for interns. If you’re one of the many comics-lover citizens of Portland, this could be a good opportunity to get into the biz. Info below:

Oni Press Internships

Oni Press, Inc internships are unpaid and last for three months. They are only offered to individuals age 18 and over who have completed high school (or equivalent). As this is an educational experience we do put preference on those intending to take the internship for course credit. 

An intern interacts with every department of the company but will also choose a focus department they desire more knowledge about. These focuses are: 

-We teach you specific details about editing sequential art including comic coverage, story development, copy editing, book mapping, and proofing.

Design & Production
-We teach you specific details to the design and production of a title including technical skills, ad design, logo design, cover & spine design, and interior book design.

Sales & Marketing
-We teach you specific details to the sales and marketing of a title including generating models, convention planning, creator signings, sales analysis, and developing marketing plans. 

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for those eager in learning the ins and outs of publishing creator owned graphic novels. Those with a passion for working to help creative people succeed are encouraged to apply. While individuals looking to “break-in” to the comics industry as a writer or artist are not necessarily barred from applying, the skills we teach are geared toward those who work WITH creators in the comics industry not AS one.  However, if you are a creator that desires to learn how the publishing side operates to help you with your career in the industry and are not looking for a backdoor to pitching we equally encourage you to apply. 

Duties & Expectations

As an intern you will initially work closely with general operations of the company and segue into a more involved training with your focus department. General learning experiences will include interdepartmental workflow, office phone etiquette, shipping/receiving, assessing workloads, and tracking resources. 

Since the internship is primarily an educational experience, it is unpaid. You will be required to be on site for training at least 14 hours (roughly two days) a week. Pending your schedule we may permit more time for additional training opportunities.  

Course Credit

We highly encourage those already enrolled in a technical or academic institution to apply for our internship. You will be responsible for supplying us official documentation of enrollment and advance notice of any paperwork, reports, or forms we may need to complete. 

Internship Periods

We currently have internships during the following periods: 

February through  April

June through August

Sept through November 


When applying your application should include the following: 

-An Introductory Letter
-Briefly introduce yourself, your interests, explain why you’re applying, what your three favorite Oni titles are, and your contact information. 

-A Resume or Curriculum Vitae
-Be thorough, we want to make sure we don’t spend time teaching you skills you already know and help you further develop the ones you already have.

-Your Chosen Focus and Why
-Briefly explain which department you wish to focus on and why. 

-Your Favorite Comics and Why the Comics Industry
-Tell us your favorite comics and why you are interested in gaining experience and an education about the comics industry. 

-A Professional or Academic Reference and their Contact Info
-Please make sure they are notified that we may be contacting them. 

-Course Credit Information
-Let us know if you intend to take the internship for credit and if so what we will be required to supply to your institution as a result. 

These submissions are only accepted via email and only through the [email protected] address. 

Thank you! We look forward to working to give you a better understanding of the creator owned graphic novel industry.