Cartoonist/journalist Susie Cagle has a full report on the events on the night of her arrest along with 100 other Occupy Oakland protesters, from the fires at the barricades —

At some point over the 15 minutes it took me to make my way north to document the police mobilization, those barricades were lit on fire. As I stood at 17th and Telegraph looking south from behind the police line — first held by Oakland police, then less hardcore troops from San Leandro — a column of black smoke snaked up between the office buildings. 12:01 a.m.: “three minutes to leave, police: ‘mask up!!'”

to jailhouse indignities:

After transfer, we were subjected to another round of searches, this time more invasive than the last. While standing single file in a hallway with male inmates leering and licking the windows in their cell doors, we were told to hold out our bras and shake our breasts. “Come on, ladies, shimmy,” said one sheriff. “Get into it. Shimmy.”

You’ll want to read the whole thing.