Convention report: Dave Roman on Quai des Bulles


Imagine a cartoonist-centric comic convention, held in a city that is equal parts Kiki’s Delivery Service and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and you get a small taste of what it’s like to attend Quai des Bulles. You would have to consume many delicious butter-filled pastries to get the full taste!

Coming Attractions: Fall 2011: DC Comics


Well, DC has had a spectacular Fall so far, launching the New 52 comic books.  But what of their strong graphic novel line?  What’s new (and old) on bookshelves this season?

Quite a bit!  Absolute editions, omnibuses, deluxe editions, licensed products, and the usual titles.

Digital Update: e-Reader War for the Holidays?


by Bruce Lidl

The digital drumbeat continues, as Marvel’s announcement of full day-and-date releases of digital makes clear.  And on the demand side, e-Readers with high comic book potential continue to crop up, particularly as the holiday season rapidly descends upon us.  First the new Amazon Kindle Fire got announced, then the Kobo Vox showed up and now the next contender to enter the ring is the new version of the NookColor from Barnes&Noble.  The original NookColor has been out for almost exactly one year, and has done decently from a sales point of view, although much of the on-line enthusiasm for the device centered not on its qualities as an e-Reader of Barnes&Noble books, but on the ease with which users could hack it to be a full-fledged Android tablet device (myself included).