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INTERVIEW: Alex Robinson on Podcasting in the era of angry Fandoms

"...why don't the people who are so enraged about [Star Wars] just move on to something else?"

INTERVIEW: Ed Brubaker Talks KILL OR BE KILLED’s finale and his...

Ed Brubaker has had a legendary comics career, writing some of the best-loved graphic stories of the last twenty-five years. Justly famous for his...

Digital comics devices: the chromebook option

The current wave of digital comic sales, along with the recent launch announcement from ComiXology, has given new life to the digital discussions...

Need a Bargain-Priced Device for those Amazon Sales?

What's the best price for a digital comics reading device?

Digital Update: e-Reader War for the Holidays?

by Bruce Lidl -- The digital drumbeat continues, as Marvel’s announcement of full day-and-date releases of digital makes clear.  And on the demand side, e-Readers with high comic book potential continue to crop up, particularly as the holiday season rapidly descends upon us.  First the new Amazon Kindle Fire got announced, then the Kobo Vox showed up and now the next contender to enter the ring is the new version of the NookColor from Barnes&Noble.  The original NookColor has been out for almost exactly one year, and has done decently from a sales point of view, although much of the on-line enthusiasm for the device centered not on its qualities as an e-Reader of Barnes&Noble books, but on the ease with which users could hack it to be a full-fledged Android tablet device (myself included).  

Digital Update: Kobo Vox a Viable Platform for Digital Comics?

Despite all the attention the Kindle Fire has generated in the weeks since its announcement, there is another very similar device coming to the market, even before the Fire arrives on November 15. The Kobo Vox eReader is available for purchase today at $199, the exact same price as the Kindle Fire, and in fact they share the same size, form factor and screen resolution (1024x600). The Kindle has a dual core CPU while the Vox’s is single core, they both have 8Gb of internal storage, although the Vox is expandable to 32GB with a MicroSD card, and both the devices run heavily modified versions of the Android operating system, that discourage, but do still allow users to install their own choice of apps, in contrast to Apple iPads.

SDCC 12: Parade nixed, but Balboa Park may be in the...

Word out of San Diego is that the previously rumored “a nationally-televised parade that would kick off or end Comic-Con” will not happen after all.  San Diego City Council President Tony Young tweeted yesterday that the Con organizers were dead-set against it, likely fearing the logistical and bureaucratic challenges it would face.  Parades at comic book conventions are hardly unknown, though, with Atlanta’s DragonCon holding a justly famous parade each year on the Saturday morning of the show.

Digital Update: When Amazon(s) Attack!

While Heidi and Torsten were off having fun at NYCC, the rest of us had to sadly experience all the comics-related mayhem vicariously. Nevertheless, on the digital comics front matters continue to develop in interesting ways, particularly in relation to online retailing behemoth, Amazon. The explosive Amazon-DC graphic novel exclusive agreement for the upcoming Kindle Fire tablet device remains a hot topic and shows no signs of fading from view, with even the New York Times jumping on the controversy.

SD10: The Piracy panel

by special correspondent Bruce Lidl Techland Presents: Comics and Digital Piracy A “hastily thrown together” panel on the last day of the Con made for...

SD10: Digital comics now!

by special Beat correspondent Bruce Lidl Late Thursday afternoon, as Comic-Con began to really hit its stride, as the shift from panel and show floor...