Tonight to do: Golden Apple Meetup

If you haven’t quite had enough comical convening, and still have the energy to remember your name, come on over to the Golden Apple in LA for one last blast of comic-con wrap-up. If we remember our name in time, we might just stop by.

SDCC11: The Year Of Acceptance

As the dust and confetti settle from this year’s Nerd Prom, it seems like this was the year that People Came Prepared To Deal With It. Instead of complaining about the craziness, attendees, and exhibitors accepted the long waits, surging crowds and tight security. When you have an event that prompts people to sleep outside […]

SDCC Literary Comics: Interview with a Vampire & Uglies Adaptations, Ms. Tree Returns

At San Diego Comic-Con it was announced that Anne Rice’s classic vampire novel, Interview With a Vampire, is being adapted into graphic novel format by webcomic creator Ashley Marie Witter for Yen Press, due out in 2012.