I wouldn't cross her, would you?

At San Diego Comic-Con it was announced that Anne Rice’s classic vampire novel, Interview With a Vampire, is being adapted into graphic novel format by webcomic creator Ashley Marie Witter for Yen Press, due out in 2012. Also announced was the manga adaptation of Scott Westerfield’s popular young adult science fiction series Uglies, by Tokyo-based artist Shawn Cumming, for an undisclosed publisher. The series is about a society that tries to force conformity and beauty upon its subjects.

Meanwhile, Ms. Tree, a literary character who began as a comic book character, returns to print. Author and comics creator Max Allan Collins announced at the First Comics revival panel that the entire run of the hardboiled graphic novel series will be collected and returned to print. Although Collins has published several short stories and a novel about the character in the years since, the Ms. Tree comics have been out of print since 1993.

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