SDCC11: ICv2 conference hightlights: digital comics sales doubled in 2010

Yesterday’s ICv2 Conference on Comics, Media, and Digital kicked off Comic-Con with a look at the business side of things. Over at Publishers Weekly, Calvin Reid and I have a brief recap of some of the stats that Milton Griepp presented at his annual White Paper.

Some quick hits:

GN sales were up 3% so far in 2011 — up more in bookstores, despite the Borders disaster, than in comics shops — while periodical sales were down 8%. The peak of sales for comics and GNs was 2006-2007. Coincidentally that was also a peak year for manga sales, which has declined significantly yet again. But the rate of decline has stabilized.

The Comic-Con Virgin Diaries: Nate C. day 3

I announced a new book yesterday! COW BOY, being published by good ol’ Archaia Entertainment. I’m writing, Chris Eliopoulos is drawing! Super-exciting, we’ve been working on it for a wnile. Me an’ Chris aren’t super-duper-megastars, so we figured doing an online announcement before the con started would be better than the weekend, when we could get drowned out by the massive announcements. So…yeah! Cool. In other news…